Driving A Wedge – Step 2

The second step in Five Easy Steps to Driving a Wedge Between You and Your Spouse is: 2.  Never have sex. Man, this is one of the most highly effective tools that a spouse can use against the other.  It’s a beauty.  Spend extra time during the day coming up with excuses about why you won’t have sex with your spouse.  In fact, go a step farther and just begin to tell yourself that you don’t even want your spouse anymore.  That will work for sure.  Go ahead and turn your spouse down every time they even hint that they want to be intimate.  Roll your eyes, breathe a heavy sigh, do whatever it takes to let him/her know that they do not meet your needs.  In fact, take it a step further and make sure your spouse knows you are not interested in the slightest. If you do actually love your spouse but just don’t want to have sex, always make sure that they have to initiate it with you.  Never act like you want them.  That will make your spouse insecure like you wouldn’t believe because they’ll wonder if you even care. If you want to see that wedge grow taller between you and your spouse this simple step is certain bring the desired results. Just don’t do it. Ever.

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