Driving A Wedge – Step 1

Today marks a new series here at Because I’m fancy like that. Nah, really, I just took an idea from my church and thought I’d incorporate here and share it with all 33 of you. This series is entitled Five Easy Steps to Drive A Wedge in Between You and Your Spouse. Don’t be jealous that you didn’t think of the title first. So, here is step 1: 1.  Belittle your spouse in public. This is incredibly important to get the bitterness factor raised up a notch in your marriage.  Instead of confronting your spouse about something that is bothering you in private in a loving and gentle way, make sure you wait until a lot of people are around, especially some of their closest friends, and mention that thing they do/don’t do in front of everyone.  And as everyone starts to laugh, say a few more things about your spouse to make it hurt a little bit more.  When you spouse looks at you with those eyes that say “how could you”, punch him/her in the arm and say something sweet like, “Oh, honey, you know I’m kiddin'”. This one works like a charm.  Every. Single. Time. I’ve got four more great ideas this week so don’t forget to come back and check them all out! Yeah, baby.

7 thoughts on “Driving A Wedge – Step 1”

  1. I just started on this website and I think this series is gonna be wonderful looking forwards to the rest!!!

  2. I caught last nights message, and will go back and listen to the others. A powerful series. By telling people HOW to wreck their lives, is showing some what they are doing RIGHT at THIS moment that is wrecking their lives.

  3. Cindy, I’ve gotta thank you for writing this one. I read it earlier this week, but it totally stuck with me through last night. I almost belittled my wonderful wife last night, but then remembered this series, so I bit my tongue.

    I’m hardly perfect, but I needed to thank you for encouraging me to be better husband!


  4. Hey Cindy
    I think it would be a wonderful series, that will help people to come to terms with certain aspects in their walk with God and with their daily life, I have done an introspection in my own life and I want to change some things that holds me from serving God 100% and to become a much better wife.


  5. Thanks for this Cindy! Great insight. My husband and I, early on in our dating time, made sure to get it clear and out on the table that we do all we can NOT to belittle each other in front of others (or in general), and that we maintain a united (but not fake) front. If there’s something that bothers me about my husband or vice versa, “reprimanding” that person in front of others is not fruitful at all. We wait until we’re at home and we discuss things, and hopefully come to a resolution. It’s worked for us and God has helped us to be encouraging to each other.

  6. Bring it Sister!!! I love it!! I tell you what. Being married to the man I divorced a year ago and seeing how I played a huge part in our destruction blows my mind. I pray that I never let him go a day without knowing just how valued, loved and adored he is in my eyes. Praise God for your ability to put this out there for women to see and hopefully some men out there will see it as well.

    Have we forgotten what “Love” is? C’mon girls…we have the ability to raise our man up and see him puff out his chest in pride for the man he dreams of becoming in our eyes.

    Your Rockin!!

  7. I thought the email titled “LC Pastor’s Wife Blog” was spam and I am SOOOOO glad that I didn’t put the email with your info in my spam folder. 🙂

    I have been praying for God to bring someone into my life that I can talk to and I believe that he has answered my prayer. I need help! My marriage is on the brink and I need to change… I KNOW I do but I can’t seem to get anything right. Or when I am in the process of changing some things, I tend to go right back to the way I was within seconds and those few days that were wonderful are forgotten. Do you know what I mean? It’s SO SO SO easy to fall back into old ways…

    Will you please help me??

    Thank you for your time!

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