Dreeeeeeeem. Dream, dream, dream.

So my blog friend, Mandy, had a dream that she met her blog friend, who also happens to be my blog friend, Sarah Markley. Before I knew it was a dream, I really found myself wanting to be on that southern island to meet Mandy and Sarah myself. But, I couldn’t get there, because of the leg, you understand. If they had been planning a real ron-day-vu rondeveaux rendezvous where they could drink sweet tea in a restaurant without putting the sugar in themselves, I would have certainly given it the old college try. Youbetcherbottomdollariwouldhave. Sweet tea sweetened by someone else. That is one thing I miss from my days of living in Memphis. Back to my point. I don’t dream much. Actually, if I do, I don’t remember the dreams. I’m kinda glad I don’t remember them since the dreams I hear about from people are usually very odd. And frightening. And oftentimes sad. And the last thing I want is to add odd, frightening and sad to my life. I live smack dab in the middle of tornado central. Hello? Do you dream? Regularly? Are they happy, sad, scary? Just curious.

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  1. Oh, I love the South…the land of perpetual sweet team and pimento cheese sandwiches…

    I don’t dream much, except when I’m pregnant. Then my dreams get crazy!

  2. I do dream regularly. They are usually odd, and I’ve known to wake up mad at someone – for something they obviously did not do. But it sure does feel like they did. And, as for the sweet tea….the real sweet tea….I miss it, too. It’s heaven. Really.

  3. i have recurring tornado dreams. i think they have something to do with God speaking to me, but i’m not quite sure. they always happen just before something REALLY life-changing occurs.

    about that meet-up.
    i’m there.

    i heart you ten times, cindy!!! dang i wish we lived in the same place – i’d MAKE you mentor me. (in a big-sister sort of way. NOT in a mom-sort-of-way, cause you’re only about 3 months older than me, of course. wink wink wink.)

  4. Sweet Tea – yum! Hey and I have found if you use organic sugar it makes it even sweeter! I pretend it makes it healthier too so I can drink even more. Yes, denial can have it’s moments! 🙂

    Dreams… somtimes I remember them, most of the time not. I had one about a year ago that stuck out like a big neon sign. It was about a month before my dad was getting remarried (which was about three months after I had lost my mom to cancer). In my dream we were at some kind of pretty wedding party for my dad and his new bride and mom was there – kinda in the background. But I was talking to her and tellin’ her how wrong it was that Dad was getting married (in my dream it seemed like she was still alive – so there wasn’t any logical reason that Dad should have been gettin’ married). I remember in my dream mom telling me, honey it’s ok. Your daddy loves his new bride and she loves him and I gave him my blessing. And then I woke up. It was weird. I didn’t think I had any anxiety over my dad getting remarried, but maybe in a way I did. I know, too weird, right?

  5. Yep, I dream and remember, even if I just doze. Its kinda wierd. Odd, frightening, and sad is a recurring theme. And tornados. (I didnt know that happened to anyone else, Mandy!). There are always random people that dont even know each other or that I havnt seen in years. Very strange. But I have solved very detailed problems from my life in dreams. I am not even kidding. Like really GOOD solutions. My subconcious is just way smarter than my fully awake self.

    Another phenomenon… flying dreams. So real I almost want to try when I wake up.

    And another… the ability to breathe underwater.

    Yep, I have some serious dreaming abilities.

  6. Oh I so don’t dream much! And like you, I don’t remember if I do. When I do dream, it tends to be bad. Boo.

    But the boy in my life? Oh my goodness. He has THE weirdest dreams, and he shares them all the time! Once he dreamed that the people in our house church were alligators, and the other day he shared a dream where he was forced to fly to Guantanamo, and once there, dealt with Oprah, who was the ruler in disguise, and Helen Hunt, who was the actual ruler, but Oprah was about to assassinate her!

    Some of us came across an old Aboriginal custom where a person has to draw their dreams, and the other people SING about what the they think the dream is (or something like that). We all just started laughing, thinking of how insane that would be for Tony’s dreams!

  7. I havr recurring dreams my teeth fall out. And I can’t read in my dreams…not because I don’t know how… but because the words are blurry. poor me.

  8. Like Andi, I have breathed underwater several times – very cool. However, I know someone that when he dreams he is flying, there’s a little nocturnal emission going on (yep, every time). The worst ones for me are when I’m sitting on the pot relieving myself and its the most incredible feeling in the world like I’ve been holding it forever and you get that shiver and…AAAAAH!! I almost peed in bed!

  9. My dreams are so vivid (in color and everything), they are almost like movies-which is both good and bad. Good that they are often very entertaining, interesting, and off the wall weird that they make me and my family laugh. Sometimes I can figure out problems by what I have dreamed. Other times, I can tell something is still bothering me by what I dream about. Bad that sometimes they are scary and creepy…like when I’ve seen just a glimpse of something on TV that stuck in my head.

  10. I don’t dream, either, Cindy.

    Well, actually, I mentioned that at church once and then, suddenly, I had three dreams about the woman who was sitting next to me. Kind of strange.

    But those are the last dreams I actually remember.

    Although on the bright side, I am certainly in good company!

  11. I have always had very amazing dreams. They are vivid and feeling. Mostly they are beautiful, colorful, vibrant. They stay with me sometimes for days. I dream about water alot.

    I rarely have a nightmare or a strange one.

  12. In the dreams I remember, I am usually fighting with someone or getting my heart broken. I’d be quite all right with only remembering the happy ones. :\

  13. I am always having weird dreams. Just today I asked Tim if we talked about something last night and he said no thats one of your dreams=)

  14. I just seriously can’t stop laughing.

    MY dream is that I’ve gone to check our bank account and miraculously Cindy Beall has created beautiful color-coded spreadsheets outlining all of our budgets and money spent.

    And she’s organized my kitchen cupboards too (of course, with an amazing spreadsheet – spices, pasta, peanut butter…)

    And of course, Mandy is singing quietly and worshipfully in the background. =)

  15. i dream a lot. they’re usually pleasant. and in color. does that mean anything? i get asked sometimes if i dream in color 😕

    i dreamed once that my man and i were at a party and i couldn’t find him until i opened a door down a long hallway and saw him getting chummy with another chick 😯 he asked, in the dream, “what do you want!?”

    woke up the next morning and i was flaming mad. didnt know why. several hours later i remembered the dream and then didn’t talk to him for 3 days.

    ok. maybe THAT one wasn’t so pleasant.

  16. I dream all the time…sometimes while I’m asleep, other times, I guess it’s just wishful thinking…
    Really, I remember some of them…most of the time they are about people, I had one about you recently actually, and Anna was in one last week…which that was really funny.
    A lot of the time I make up words, and phrases and new cool stuff, strange, I know! Too bad I can’t figure out how to do it when I’m awake, I just know I’ll remember immdeiately after I wake up & then I quickly forget:(

  17. I dream a lot. I don’t often remember them in great detail anymore but I know that they are often disturbing, enough that I wake up feeling bothered and have to pray to shake it off. I pray before bed that God will reveal what they mean or take them away. Just waitin’ now.

  18. God can talk to us through our dreams. I know that I know of 3 separate dreams I have had from the Lord.

    Each one of them, I didn’t remember until later in the day or the next day. I remembered every single detail! 1 was about my mom (after she died), 1 was the return of Christ (that was painful because I was being a B-R-A-T to my hubsand when HE returned!; the 3rd was WILD about the authority in Jesus name!

    Was that too serious? :O)

  19. Can I say this is wierd?

    I’ve read your blog for awhile….not sure how I found it.

    I saw your link to Sarah and I knew that name was familiar….she comments regularly on the blog of a friend of mine from high school.

    And so that very small link was closed. only took four people to bring it full circle.

    Starts you wonderin’ who you could all meet if only you knew the right connections to make….

    totally off topic, I just had to share!


  20. This post made me think about Alabama…sitting out on the bay eating crab claws and drinking sweet tea. I haven’t had crab claws in a while.

    I frequently have dreams. Usually short and many times God speaks to me and even directs me in my dreams. My husband has what I call “movie” dreams…they go on and on and have a story line. I guess I’m not that complex.

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