Don’t Cuss In The Presence Of A Pastor


Because you know, they might blow up or something. I have been a pastor’s wife for the majority of my marriage. With that particular title comes a lot of stereotypes and ideas. Most of which, I don’t fit 🙂 It has tickled me for some time how people refrain from using such choice words in Chris’ and my presence. It’s often comical when someone accidentally says a cuss word and then looks at me or Chris to see if we’ve fainted. I assure you…WE HAVE NOT. I’ve got two points I’d like to make:
  • Be yourselfif you cuss in my presence, I will not melt. HOWEVER…
  • Watch your moutha foul mouth is a mark of a polluted soul.
I’m just sayin’.

20 thoughts on “Don’t Cuss In The Presence Of A Pastor”

  1. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve having a perfectly normal conversation with someone, and then as soon as they find out I’m a pastor’s wife they suddenly turn dull and sterile. Sometimes I try and stay under cover until I get to know someone’s true self! So much more interesting than their sanitized version!

  2. Are you sure you’re not gonna melt, I mean you must be more holy than every other Christ-follower, right?
    Maybe just more seasoned in controlling your tongue…it is the “well spring of life” — pretty important to watch what you say, but not just in the presence of a pastor.

  3. I think it’s don’t cuss or don’t drink. LOL My wife and I were at Cheesecake Factory one night and we saw some people from our church. I saw one of the guys move his drink to the table next to them! 🙂

    keepin’ it real

  4. My parents both work at churches and my dad was youth pastor for many years… I’ve seen that same behavior around them! Although I don’t ever remember hearing my mom cuss…ever. Once when she nearly fell victim to road rage, she said (in the car) “Oh…eat a bean!” We totally cracked up. Anyway…that was random…

    I appreciate your genuine speech!

  5. You mean your not made of spiritual butter and will ooze away in despair over the fowl? LOL. I agree…don’t act spiritual just keep yourself in check!

  6. Cindy,

    You and I don’t know each other, but your hubby and I do. I have recently been following your blog and really enjoy it. However, this morning I am disappointed.


    You were one of the first people I thought of. Surely you stayed up late to be as disappointed as the rest of us??

    Have a great Tuesday. 🙂

  7. This is so true! I don’t think people should watch their speech because of the fact that we are a pastor or pastor’s wife, they should watch their speech in general because excessive cussing is just rude to anyone around you.

  8. I remember one of the first times I went to LifeChruch Craig said pissed off from stage and it shocked me. Not because I was offended but because of how real it was. I was hooked

  9. It always amazes me when people are themselves when they first meet you and then they ask you what you “do”….you tell them something “spiritual” and they suddenly change their personality. It’s okay.

    I’d also like to say, I don’t think “Hell” is a cuss word as long as you aren’t telling people to go there. 😀

  10. Is there another Starr that comments???
    Girl you know me i just say it like it is…cuss word or not!

  11. Whatever – Chris n’ Cindy are cool as $&%#. You can say any %#@*ing thing you want in front of them without them batting an eye. Right? Uh, right??

  12. I love it when someone still says the word, but they whisper it. Like I am still not hearing it, or that I am still not sitting next to them. Too funny.

  13. Be yourself and get over the titles, I ALWAYS say that.

    We all do life together not over each other.
    Yes, pastors do need respect but so do I, if you cuss, I won’t melt either, I just may look at you stupidly. But I feel that’s between you and God

  14. Took your message to heart. A man was cussing around me so much yesterday I had to do something, and taking your advice, I told him I was a pastor’s wife.

    This didn’t work. I figure because:
    1. I’m a dude.
    2. see #1. It really makes your brain spin.

    Anyway, worth the effort. Keep ’em coming!

  15. Ok….I am so glad that you posted this…I have been a minister’s wife for going on 7 years and it just makes me laugh every time someone says “sorry” after they say a “dirty word”…I am not Jesus and you don’t have to say sorry to me…you need to tell him!!! My hubby and I always get a kick out of that!! I look forward to reading your blog…love the sense of humor!!

  16. You would be so proud of me. I’ve made such remarkable progress since January 1, 2008.

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