Do You Know Who You Are?

Did you know that you are hidden with Christ in God? Colossians 3:1-4 says you are. Did you know that you have not been given a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind? According to 2 Timothy 1:7, that is what you have. Did you know that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you? Philippians 4:13 says that is what is possible through God’s son. After my husband’s confession eight years ago, he didn’t know who he was.  What I mean is that he bought into a lie straight from the pit of hell about how little he mattered which in turn, caused him to act in ways that a fully devoted Christ follower shouldn’t act. After reading The Bondage Breaker by Neil T. Anderson, he started to understand who he was again.  In fact, there were statements listed in that book that Chris recited to himself for a period of 18 months. Every. Single. Morning. These statements of truth are straight from the Word of God.  And they soothed his soul, led him away from a pathway of shame and caused him to walk in humble confidence as God transformed his heart. I say these statements every morning out loud even now.  I am actually going to start going through these with my oldest son, Noah. Because I never want him to forget who he is and Whose he is. (Click here to view these statements online.)

6 thoughts on “Do You Know Who You Are?”

  1. Thank you soooo much for your words of wisdom today! I woke up this morning and was feeling attacked, up until I read your blog and read the statements of Truth! My shame is slowly dissipating and I am reminded of who I am in Christ…….you rock, Cindy!

  2. Cindy, this is the witness of the Spirit with the sermon my husband preached this past Sunday that he titled, “Who’s Your Daddy?”. It is based on John 8:37-47. The service began with a few snickers at the sight of that phrase on the big screen in the front of the church, but God moved mightily as the truth of our identity, given to us by our Father, sunk into the congregation. We sometimes forget too easily the beautiful and perfect image in which we were created. Thank you for reminding us of these truths about the perfection that He is shaping in us!

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