Do You Know This Girl?


I do. The sweet Lord allowed our paths to cross nearly six years ago. I was drawn to her immediately. Within a year of meeting, our relationship took off. And I do think I can declare, neither of us has been the same since. She is 9+ years my junior but one would never know. I am beyond honored to have her in my life. The girl above has a name, and it’s Marcy Priest. (Those of us in the Oklahoma area also know her as Marcy Jackson.) And this Marcy Priest has just gone and done herself a CD. That’s correct. She’s singing the songs she wrote and you can hear them on a little circle of metal. I’ve heard the songs and believe me when I tell you, you WILL NOT be disappointed. So here’s the deal. I’d like for all of you to go over to website and check her out. You can even pre-order the CD that will be released on APRIL 25th! Isn’t that somethin’? Not only that, but if you offer her some real healthy foods and maybe a piece of pie, she might even come and sing a song or eight at your church or coffee shop or, dare I say it, COLISEUM. Tis true. That’s all my promotion for the pretty lady for now. Click here and see what all the hub-bub is about. I love you all, my internet peeps.

8 thoughts on “Do You Know This Girl?”

  1. Wow.. This stuff is awesome.
    This is my brand of music anyways.

    I’m an insurance adjuster and I’m in my car for about 8 hours a day and this would be perfect to listen too on a warm San Diego California day like today, with the windows down and Marcy pumping out of my windows. Trust me, I maybe 41, but I still pump to great music.

    My favorite song and listened to them all was ENOUGH.

    But Runaway train is a close second.

    Thanks Cindy, I’m putting in my order.

    Love ya!

  2. I had the pleasure of seeing her sing on Christmas (Dec 23rd, my birthday!) last year at Edmond campus. (We attend South). She is even more beautiful in person as she is on cd….and she was even fighting the flu! I was so happy to hear she has made a cd and I can’t wait to get mine. I’ve been listening to her on myspace since Friday, and I LOVE Runaway Train. It speaks my language for sure, and it’s been running around in my head for 4 days now!!!! God has blessed her with an amazing gift and you know he’s smiling big time.

  3. I am with Heidi!! Us California girls must stick together. I too at almost 40 absolutley love to “pump” out the music! The look on peoples faces when they realize the music that is coming from the little Miata is Christian. I love it!! I too am a ordering!!

  4. Just listened to her music!!! LOVE it! I’ll definitely be getting a CD – thanks for sharing the info!
    And she’s always been Marcy Priest to me, even back to our PC North days! 🙂

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