Do You Know A Pastor’s Wife?

I remember the moment Chris told me that he thought we were being calling into full-time ministry.  The year was 1995 and sheer angst hit my heart because I wondered how I would ever survive.  I mean, the idea of wearing jumpers for the rest of my life and making sure I was at every church event with a casserole in hand was more than I could bear. Thankfully, my life isn’t like that.  However, there is nothing wrong with jumpers, NOTHING AT ALL, but they are just not my style any longer. What? Pastors wives are as different as can be.  Some of us are introverts and almost have an anxiety attack at the thought of a “New Member’s Social”.  Others can’t get enough time with people and look to fill their calendars every day.  Many of us love to minister alongside our husbands while others support their husbands from afar. Not one of these is “the way it should be”.  We are all different so why in the world should the people in the church expect us to act the same?  Give us a break, please. All that being said, I am excited to participate in some online gatherings for pastor’s wives put on by pastor’s wives. (This is where it gets exciting, ya’ll!) I have had the opportunity to “meet” Lori Wilhite over the internet.  We’ve had a conference call and have heard each other’s voices but have yet to exchange a hug or high five. Cuz everyone knows we pastor’s wives high five each other. Holla. Along with Lori, Brandi Wilson and my dear friend, Natalie Witcher, will be participating in a plethora of things that are geared to support and encourage other pastor’s wives. You may not be a pastor’s wife, but I know you know some.   Encourage them to go to Lori’s website here and sign up for a Virtual Gathering. You will be blessed!

4 thoughts on “Do You Know A Pastor’s Wife?”

  1. Pastor’s wives are precious. I love that they are unique and individuals. I love that after having been one…I cherish those around me even more. Support, encouragement and acceptance is a gift given from a member to their pastor’s wives. The love and time they give to their husband, family and their church…priceless.

    Know that you are a treasure! Love to each of you!

  2. i’m so glad i could be a part of one of these… even though i’m no longer a “pastor’s wife” but still a woman in ministry…

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