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Do You Embrace Difficulties?

Embrace means to “take up especially readily or gladly”.  Endure means “to regard with acceptance or tolerance”. A wise friend of mine talks about this.  He is referring to times in our lives when things aren’t easy or when they are painful.  I mean, who doesn’t embrace a feel-good season in their life?  That’s easy.  But when times are tough and uncomfortable, like raising a toddler or a teenager?  Yowza. If I’ve learned anything in life it’s this:  There is always in lesson in the difficult times we face.  But, are we listening to God enough to learn it? With these definitions in mind, here’s my question: Do you typically embrace a difficult or challenging season in your life or endure it?

4 thoughts on “Do You Embrace Difficulties?”

  1. Been through a lot…and at this place in my life, I’m not ashamed or afraid to say that I have learned to embrace and it’s not bad! After I’ve embraced it, I then know I have to endure it to learn the lesson . . .

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