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Do You Blame God?

I talk to many people who are hurting. Things that have happened to them and things they have caused.  Both are hard to deal with. A lot of times I hear that people are mad at God because they feel like He has left them in their darkest hour. Question for you:
Do you blame God when bad things happen in your life?

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  1. I want my first reaction to be thankfulness – in all things give thanks. I want to tell Him thank you – that I dont understand – that I am mad – that I hurt…..

    No one has escaped this world bruise free and I have had mine – I also roll scenes through my head and plan to say “thank you” in all circumstances…. I dont do it all the time – but I do it more often than not….

    Sometimes this world just sucks, but I want Him with me way more than I want to do this without Him…

    Love you CB 🙂

  2. I will be honest. I don’t BLAME God but I have been mad at God….like the time my sister-in-law carried a baby for 9 months and then had to deliver the child knowing she was stillborn. I was angry – couldn’t understand why a loving, caring God would allow that to happen…but that was before I was saved and had a relationship with Christ. Then many years later, I was angry again but He turned that anger into salvation. My mom, who was my best friend, was diagnosed with stomach cancer. She died 6 months later but…..she is with Christ! A pastor stopped to visit abou a month after her surgery one day. Mom greeted me that evening with the news that she AND dad (who passed away 2 years later from colon/lung cancer) were saved! Praise God. At the time, I was so happy but also wondering, what about me, what do I need to do to also be saved. That came a year after mom passed and a year before dad died. So, I have learned since becoming a Christian that God understands our anger but do I BLAME Him for those bad things….no, man introduced the sin of the world.

    Cindy, you are a very thought provoking woman and I am glad that I ‘stumbled’ onto your thoughts! PTL!

  3. No. But, like you, I’ve encountered many who do. I simply trust Him. I know that probably sounds crazy… but, I’ve been called crazy for quite some time.

  4. My relationship with God in my younger years was of reverence. My view of God was of a mighty deity that I should give honor to and pray to as an entity of authority. Sort of like a young child would view the principal of his school. I saw God as too important to pay too much attention to little ole’ me. With this view of God, I would often blame God for the circumstances that life often would bring.

    These days, God is my best friend and confidant. We are close. I talk to God all day, every day. When the circumstances of life get me angry, I term it as being angry at the world and I tell God all about it. God always answers with grace and mercy. I often say to God, that He understands this better than me, so I give it to him. God is awesome!

  5. I’ve honestly never thought to blame God. I think it’s because I truly do believe that ALL things happen as a result of our choices. If I hadn’t made a particular choice, then that bad thing wouldn’t have happened. If my husband makes a poor decision that ultimately affects me adversely, I am angry at HIM, not at God.

    Like Dee says above, I’m not afraid to tell God when I’m angry, but it’s never at Him. Talking about it with Him is like sharing it with a close friend.

  6. Blame Him? Accuse Him of doing what He shouldn’t have? No…how could I? And yet…everything about my life is in His hands, so I do question Him. God why did You allow this? Where is the pearl of price buried in this field of pain? Is it white or pink or blue? How priceless is it? Where should I look? Thank You for holding my hand…for Your faithfulness. Thank You that I know it’s here somewhere…

    And so my questions turn to trust, and my trust to answers and peace that passes understanding…all because of who He is.

  7. when my husband confessed his affair to me in january, i will admit, one of my first thoughts was “God, why didn’t you protect me???” i blamed Him in a way for not protecting me from this horrible experience and pain. i didn’t understand why He would let me marry him and let this happen to me.
    i’ve been reading “Ruthless Trust” and “Furious Longing of God” both by Brennan Manning and seeing God in a new way. I’m finally starting to understand God’s love for and learning to accept it, and therefore trusting Him. if i trust Him, REALLY trust Him, then i will be less apt blame Him for not protecting me. i will trust Him to take care of me and love me.
    i’m WORKING on it anyway!!!

  8. I don’t blame Him for the results of choices we make, but I do get angry when I can’t figure out why He would let certain things happen. My best friend’s son committed suicide almost four weeks ago and I still am angry that God would let this happen, that He didn’t intercede and stop Ryan from pulling the trigger. I’m a mess of confusion – not blame, but hurt and anger and disbelief…

  9. Blame has 2 definitions. One is to hold someone responsible for something wrong or unfortanate that has happend. Two is to criticize someone. If we believe in God and believe He works out everything for our own good then can we blame Him? In the moment when we are in much pain, don’t we know that God is behind it and responsible by letting these things happen to us? Even if we know He works all things for our good, don’t we still hold him responsible for both the bad and the good that happens to us? So I think by one defintion we all blame God by holding Him responsible for the bad but we also hold him responsible for the good! Definition # 2 though is I believe what we all think of first as in criticizing God and if we know He works out all things for our good then we won’t criticize Him for it.

    I think we shy away from saying we blame God because we see it as criticism but I think we do blame Him. Perhaps we all have fell in a trap where to blame God seems like blasphemy but to be angry with God or our circumstance is understandable. Maybe its been twisted around by our spiritiual enemy. To say we are angry at God by its definition is to say that we are “extremely displeased or annoyed” by Him. Would it not be healthier to blame Him by definition 1, saying “He has allowed these things to happen and I hold Him responsible for that” than to be angry, “displeased and annoyed” with Him? To me acknowledging that God is responsible is to say that He is in control will work this out for my good and it doesn’t give the devil the foothold that being angry with God does!

  10. Well I have to be totaly be honest I am mad at GOD right now! I believe GOD knows all so he is not surprised by my reaction. I also believe the LORD shows me and helps me to grow closer to him when adversity comes. But even though I do not understand why GOD allowed what he did I still run to him to get the answers. And like the wonderful Father that he is he calms my fears binds up my cuts and give me hope. GOD makes streams appear in the desert !

  11. yes.

    And I’m not ok with that. But it’s true. Because there’s no one else to blame. And when I get hurt in a relationship, I will pull back. I’ve stayed “pulled back” from God for … oh … 3 years. I don’t like it.

  12. To be honest, I feel that I do blame God, that’s probably a part of the reason why I can’t seem to get over the damaged relationships that I have had. No matter how many scriptures I read and believe, I still lose sight of God almighty parting the Red Sea. I lose sight of him saving me sometimes when I get caught up in the current problem I am having. And sometimes I become angry with God that he allows preachers to preach whose messages have no substance to hold me to Christ even in hard times. I get frustrated that I can attend church, read my bible, pray and try thinking positive just to wake up with the same problem on my mind. Yes I get frustrated when I have to struggle to be thankful even while I am going through a storm in my life. Everybody posted alot of good wisdom that I often find myself thinking on my good days, but on those bad days I get so angry that I wonder if God is allowing this and why? or I struggle with am I causing myself this grief and then I ask God to take it away, hoping he will

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