Do You Blame God?

I asked this question on my blog last week:  Do you blame God when bad things happen? The answers ranged from absolutely not, how could I blame a good God to I don’t really blame Him but do get mad at Him sometimes to yeah, I do blame God even though I wish I didn’t. I love that you and I can be real as we walk through life together.  Questioning the unquestionable and over-thinking the simple.  God gave us a brain to use and I think He likes it when we use it. I also think He is pleased when we see the bigger picture of why we were placed on this earth.  Which, from my understanding of the Bible, it’s to bring glory to Him and walk in a deeply committed relationship with Him. I don’t understand everything about God.  And honestly, I don’t want to.  I love that He is way bigger and way smarter and way more brilliant than I’ll ever be or ever understand. I don’t know why He allows really bad things to happen, because let’s face it:  He’s all-powerful and can stop anything.  But, he’s also the God who gave us free will.  And sometimes, the free will of humans causes us great pain. My pastor shared a very profound statement several months back:
The closer I get to God less I ask why and the more I ask what?
I’ve seen this come true in my life as I have pursued and deeper and more intense relationship with my Heavenly Daddy.  The moment any kind of difficulty, be it great or small, comes to my doorstep, I automatically wonder what I’m going to learn from it.  Because you see I am not willing to go through life without redeeming my suffering.  I don’t want it to be in vain.  I want to learn from it, to grow from it, help others because of it and cling to my Jesus more in the midst of it. You see, there will be pain in this world.  Jesus said it.  As my friend Amy says, “If we are always comfortable, we’d never need a comforter.” My challenge to you is that when pain arrives in your life and quite possibly becomes a constant companion with you for a long season, look for the lesson. I think there’s always a lesson.

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  1. What a great message!! There is a lesson in everything!! Thank you for clarification and helping me to see that truly there is purpose and to everything there is a season.

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