Most nights you’ll find me sitting at my desk catching up on the latest events in our world. I would love to watch the normal 5:00 news like many Americans, but I have to do it at night via the internet because if I am found watching TV during the day it almost always consists of Blue’s Clues or Little Bill. Don’t laugh. I’ve become extremely consistent in figuring out what Blue wants to do as long as I’m given those three paw prints. I’m just sayin’. One particular night, my current event journey took me to the entertainment section of the news where I learned about an upcoming gay and lesbian cruise that was being led by a very outspoken and well-known personality. The actual cruise wasn’t what the article was about. What made headlines is this particular cruise would be changing its route in order to avoid a particular island. The reasoning behind their travel adjustment was due to possible protests by church groups. As I read more about the article, my O positive blood began to boil. Absolutely boil. As a follower of Christ, I have a hard time differentiating between these “Christians” who are protesting and the Pharisees some 2,000 years ago who also missed the entire point of Jesus’ message. I wonder how many of the homosexuals on the cruise felt the love of Christ by those protesting. I wonder. What do you think?

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  1. Have you ever watched the HBO documentary about those cruises? Even though I don’t support that lifestyle I have never seen so much love in one place. They showed them getting booed in port and it was sad. Very sad.

    I think it is a struggle as a christian to show what you believe but still be supportive of the person. My uncle was gay (he has passed) and even though I didn’t agree with his lifestyle, I loved him and he was alot of fun!

    Seriously I could go on and on but I’ll stop.

  2. Don’t even get me started… since when did we forget that as Christ-followers it is our mission to LOVE????

    I think we confuse love with acceptance of sin… if we love the sinner, then in some way, we’re condoning the sin… that is not true! It is not our place to judge… even Jesus said, “I did not come into the world to judge the world… those that do not turn from their ways… they have a judge… I came to love.”

    So should we.

  3. You know this very thing hit me the other night in small group. We were talking about family and how difficult it can be to love those that are so difficult to get along with or do not follow Christ. I have a brother that I truly don’t get along with. He loves to pick fights and draw me into a debate (you know the kind.) He is not a Christ follower. The epiphany I had was when I was asked if I pray for him. I realized….no I spend all my time disgusted with him when I think about him. I spend my time on him putting him down or arguing with him. I realized I don’t have to agree with him to love him. I will not change him but loving him won’t mean that I condone his way of life.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. “Christians” are great at judging others. The sad thing is, none of us are perfect, each of us need Christ’s forgiveness. We are NOTHING without HIM! Christ does not see the sin of overeating, idolizing possessions, or lusting after the lady at the check out stand as any different than homosexuality. It doesn’t matter what the “wrong” thing is, we all need Christ to clean up our lives.

    My father-in-law is gay. He and his partner are wonderful, caring people. My husband and I have done our best to be non-judgmental and show him (and his partner) that not all Christians will be hateful purely because of his lifestyle choice. The sad thing is, most of my father-in-law’s family has turned their backs on him. They don’t have a lot of friends, especially outside of the homosexual community.

    If I was to pound my father-in-law with the Bible and tell him everything that he is doing wrong, he would say, “Enough of you. You don’t really care about me!” We have been open and honest with him. We have asked questions of him and he has answered them honestly. We have opened a line of communication that he doesn’t have with others. The cool thing is, he and his partner have visited church with us. It’s a small step, but it’s a step…

    My point in all of this is to say, we need to build relationships with those around us rather than tear people down. All people want is to feel cared about and loved. When they see you truly care, they are much more open to truly listen about what you have to say about your faith.

  5. I couldn’t agree more with all of you. Julie, I applaud you for loving your father-in-law. I find it interesting as well that we love others who have sin in their lives but the homosexual? No way.

    The bottom line is showing the love of Christ and I believe you are doing that well, Julie!

  6. We are called to love one another. Protesting injustice is one thing. We can certainly bring more hearts to Christ when we share His love as He would have.

  7. This is a hard-hitting issue for me, as I went to art school and have several gay friends. Anna is right…it’s hard sometimes to “hate the sin, love the sinner”, but that is exactly what Christ has called us to do.

    It’s possible to disagree with a person’s choices and still love them. It’s heart-breaking to see news coverage that shows Christians as being so horribly ‘holier-than-thou’. I have never know a single gay person to return to a heterosexual lifestyle because of boo-ing crowds and people spitting on them.

  8. I am sure every member of that church has a relative or friend that they love that sins up a storm but they need to glorify themselves and not God by pretesting. they just want to make sure people see them and not the love of God. What is really hard is that all of us need to love those protesters too.

  9. I agree with the comments posted, but my only thought is, DO WE LIVE IT? Do we truly LOVE the person, hate the sin? I know it’s easy to say, but how about living it!!!
    I mean, for real…I struggle to see someone through the eyes of Christ, when they live so obviously far from Him–even harder when they claim Him! But is that what we do in the same situation–claim HIM with our mouths when our hearts are far from HIM? IDK–just thinking…

  10. I have family members that are gay. I have friends that are gay. My cousin has been in a monogamous relationship for 30 years. That is longer than most people stay married.

    “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.” Luke 6:37

    HELLOOOOO What part of that are we having trouble with?
    Great post once again Cindy!!

  11. If we protest anything we better be doin’ in prayer against the enemy. Our struggle is not against gay flesh and blood, but against DARK POWERS! Protest on our knees, in the secret place with God. There’s more power there and boy do we ever underestimate it. I know I do.

  12. Amen Cindy! Jesus would never treat people the way those protestors do and all in “the name of God” sooo sad.
    We need to strive towards reflecting Jesus not repulsing Him. Sorry if that is harsh but how insensitive can people be really.

  13. Cindy,
    I would just say that “lifestyle” isn’t always the only issue. I believe character is more the reason that I would respond negatively to a person. I have a hard time being accepting of someone who is “gay” just because they are nice or in a loving relationship. Personally, I have seen how being “gay” can tear up a family. It’s not an issue of acceptance but how is that person’s choices affecting those around them. Is it really intolerance on everyone’s part around them or are they creating negativity and pain because of their choices? I would not endorse “protesting” but just “accepting” isn’t the answer either.
    I feel like sometimes Christians are so worried that they are not being “loving” that they become accepting to the point of overlooking the pain that one’s choices can cause. I agree that walking out a journey of loving the sinner and hating the sin is difficult. But hey, Jesus did it. He was put out with the sin and then turned over the tables and did not tolerate the sin. I would assume that God would like us to be balanced in our approach towards others. I just get so wore out when it seems like we try so hard to love that we blow off the consequences part.
    just my two cents!
    love ya girl

  14. I agree with Keri. I have gay friends, a goth/gender crossing relative and a friend in an adulterous relationship. All of them are making the choice to live in opposition to God’s Word. I make choices to live in opposition to God’s Word, but by God’s grace, I repent and strive to live in agreement to God’s Word. Their choices have torn relationships and wounded others, but they continue down their path of sin. Do I love them? YES!! I tell them and I show them by my actions…and I believe part of those loving actions is taking the moments that God gives to me to speak His truth…in love! Not stuffing it down their throats every change I get. They are walking a destructive path that will only lead to misery and heartache. They are missing the peace and joy that only comes from a deep, personal, Holy Spirit led relationship with Jesus. It’s a fine line to walk…but I believe Jesus calls us to love but not to compromise. BTW…protesters like the ones mentioned are showing neither love nor speaking the truth of God’s Word!
    I hope I wasn’t too strong…this hits close to home for me!

  15. Hey Cindy!

    I came over to say hi and see what you were up to. Little did I know that when I did I would find myself smack dab in a bit of a hot topic! Ouch! My feet are burnin’, it’s so hot up in here. 🙂 Seriously…thanks for bringing out an issue that needs to be discussed. I had this conversation with another friend just last week. Sin is sin, sister. We give it degrees based on what we are personally comfortable with. But at the end of the day, it’s all sin. God is grieved by all of it. I know I’ve broken His heart more than a few times in my life.

    On a different note, please come by and see me or email me and let me know how things are going on the writing end. Been thinking about your article and wondering where you are with it.

    Blessings, Cindy!
    Lisa 🙂

  16. I think that is so sad. I don’t agree with the lifestyle but I do agree with Christ and his message of love. This happens with more situations than just gay/lesbian, I am in a “Christian” environment yet see judgement and not love everywhere I look. It is more than sad, it is heartbreaking. I am going to be the change.

  17. My family is planning a trip to Disney World this summer. We just found out that we will be in Orlando during Gay Pride week. I never actually thought I would be at Disney World on Gay Day, but I never thought that christians should avoid Disney because of it. I’m positive that God has a purpose for our being there.

  18. First, I am not for protesting. It serves absolutely no purpose and certainly doesn’t represent the love of Christ. That said, my brother-in-law is gay and one of the most intolerant people I know. We are missionaries and have NEVER been anything but loving and open to him. He, on the other hand has taken several opportunities to attack us and our family and our beliefs. The last time was more than I could take and involved our kids. We decided it was time to put boundaries around this relationship. The crowd he is friends with tend to be more intolerant than anyone I know. I could tell you stories that would make you sad. It’s not just the Christians. I do pray for him and pray for us to have wisdom in dealing with his lifestyle.

  19. Unfortunately it takes a lot of work for those of us not in the protesting group to make up for the trauma of what those gay and lesbian folks now think of Jesus lovers.

    I can only imagine how terrible it would feel to be shouted at and protested against because of something in my life if I was going on a cruise. Especially if I already felt like an outcast by many. I would be pretty angry at the those protesting. And instead of making me want to change anything about my life it would make me that much more likely to want to live my life how I want… because it would be natural for me to want to rebel against their words.

  20. How many of us are still shouting for Barabas! Christ touched the wounds with his hands.. .he didn’t have picket lines and stones ..How tradgeic! That really makes my A+blood boil too!

  21. Speaking of homosexuality and choices and judgment and tearing up families and stuff like that, allow me to kick it up a notch. (grin)
    Making gay people seem to be more loving or happy or better or worse than other people isn’t realistic. Realism has it’s own qualities. Families do that. It’s much easier to solve someone’s problems for them if they’re an individual. But a family…that’s a much stickier ball of wax, don’t you think?
    Scott Williams posted about a lesbian couple that found salvation and the correction of their lifestyle at his campus. They found it possible to stop being gay. I wonder how much more difficult it would have been for all involved if the lesbian couple had had a child? Say about 6 years old and all cute at Kids church with the questions like “Does Jesus love both my mommies?” Yeah. Approach that moment that God gives to you to speak His truth in love…
    Yep. Family. Hey, don’t look at me. Family was God’s idea. By the way, do you know how one of the most common nicknames gay people have for themselves? Oh cmon, I practically gave that one away. Can you say Family? I knew that you could! And yes, sometimes I do wait for a post topic to roll over behind the most recent one so I’m not all up in everyone’s grill on somebody else’s blog.
    Sin is sin, reality is reality, and arrogance is like stepping off a cliff you didn’t see into a really deep abyss. Gay people aren’t any more perfect than you are. They aren’t any less perfect either. I love the phrase “I don’t agree with the lifestyle”. It always makes me want to ask, so what sinful lifestyles do you agree with? (grin)

  22. this topic is so hard for me. someone i love dearly is living the gay life and loving it. and before i meet jesus i thought this life was okay – now God has shown me His truth.since being shown the truth i have been praying and fasting for this person, for them to see how much God loves them. i have shared the gospel with them (more than once) and explain the cross and it redemption process- my friend just calls me a “judge-r” and “hip-o-crit” -it is tough when you see some one you love going down the road of being presently and eternally seperated from Jesus

  23. Without reading all the other responses, my first thought was that I’ve never heard of any gay person changing their lifestyle as a result of being protested against. (lqtm).

    The Promiseland (www.promiselandchurch.net) at one time had a thriving ministries to those coming to Christ from a homosexual background. I lead a women’s small group for 5 years and several of the young ladies had come to Christ from a lesbian background. Guess what, they were converted because one of their friends told them about Jesus and invited them to chruch.

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