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Dirty Girls Come Clean by Crystal Renaud

This is my friend, Crystal. crystal Ain’t she cute? I “met” her through blogging back in early 2008 and then actually met her several months later via a mutual friend. I liked her immediately. And I have come to love her willingness to be vulnerable about her past issues that many would rather just ignore and act like they weren’t issues. It’s not easy to share things about yourself especially when your “junk” isn’t a great conversation starter at a dinner party. Because, you see, Crystal is a recovering porn addict. And she’s a girl. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that porn is a man’s struggle. Not anymore. Crystal has done her homework and knows the stats to share with you. She’s also started a non-profit ministry called Dirty Girls Ministries in order to assist women in overcoming their own pornography addictions. And trust me, there are plenty of women out there. If that’s not enough, Crystal has written this book that released on April 1, 2011: Dirty-Girls-Come-Clean So proud of her. And I got to read some of it before it released because I’m her favorite. (Not really, but sort of.) If you struggle with porn, I recommend her book. If you know a woman who struggles with porn, I recommend her book. If you want to learn more about women struggling in this area and how to understand it better, I recommend her book. If you want to believe that God can give you freedom over an area in your life that you struggle with, I recommend her book. Bottom line: I recommend her book. And good news for you! I have two copies to give away. In order to qualify for the random drawing, please comment below and tell me who your favorite author is and why. Have a great day!

9 thoughts on “Dirty Girls Come Clean by Crystal Renaud”

  1. Seriously? Just one? Here’s the best I can do:

    For spiritual growth: Beth Moore
    On mothering/parenting: Sally Clarkson
    Fiction: Nelson DeMille

    Gosh, I could go on all day…

    Have a great day, my sister!

  2. And I forgot to mention…

    As of July 1,

    Marriage issues and overal encouragement: Cindy Beall. 😉

  3. Fictionwise, Sarah Dessen is a guilty measure of mine. I’ve read her since middle school, and love the way she crafts a story.
    Non-fiction, I really like Angela Thomas; her books resound with me on a deep level.

  4. Much like Nikki above, it is SO HARD to narrow it down…

    Right now, I am loving Lysa TerKeurst and Made to Crave. So encouraging and insightful.
    But, I also have all of Craig Groeschel’s books, and I started WEiRD last night…

    So hard to choose!

  5. Harlan Coben
    Steven Furtic
    Joel Salatin

    All because they are what I am currently reading 🙂 It will change the moment I finish one book and pick up another!

  6. At the momemt I have 2 favorite authors. Sheila Walsh and James MacDonald because they are filling me with the truth of God’s Promises.

    I have a couple of future favs too….Hmmmm wonder who one may be. 🙂

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