Dear Ann Landers…

My mother gave me a newspaper clip when I was visiting her recently.  It it torn and tattered for sure.  I was amazed that she’d kept it after all these years because, you see, it was published in 1971. I was a year old. I’ve scanned it into this blog post and hope you glean some good advice. 001 Good advice, wouldn’t you say?

6 thoughts on “Dear Ann Landers…”

  1. Hi Cindy
    This is such an accurate word for the times that we are living in, last night at prayer meeting my hubby closed with Prov 22:15 – it is amazing. I agree children are a gift from God, and we need lay a spiritual foundation for them. We need to invest daily in our kids so that they can out run us. Leaving a spirit filled legacy for our children should be an important task that we parents should fulfil.

    God bless you for your obedience.


  2. That’s wonderful. I especially love the last one. She’s right. . . an example is a powerful thing.

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