Dear 8-Year Old Child Who Thinks He Doesn’t Have Enough

If you only knew how good you have it.  Just like my parents told me how good I had it.  And their parents told them how good they had it.  And well, you get the point. You will never know a life without computers or electric windows on cars or a 12-hr trip in a car watching your favorite movies.  I, on the other hand, didn’t even learn anything about a computer until I was 19, had to actually roll down my windows with my arms and battled between two brothers on many a long family trip. You want to know why you can’t have a cell phone like all of your friends do.  I didn’t get my first cell phone until I was 30 because I didn’t need it.  And neither do you. You can communicate with anyone around the world in a matter of seconds thanks to email.  It took the better part of a week for my letter to reach my 8th grade pen pal who lived in Massachusetts and another week or two to hear back from her. You can get a movie sent directly to your TV and view it within a matter of minutes.  I took my chances by riding my bike down to the local movie rental place in hopes that the film I wanted was actually available in VHS…certainly not BETA.  And on that note, you’ll never even know what a BETA machine is! You want to grab something to eat at a restaurant every time you go into town.  I only got to eat out on my birthday.  Every now and again I got to partake in some delicious Golden Fried Chicken on a Sunday after church.  But not every Sunday and certainly not with the sides.  My momma always made the sides because it was highway robbery, she said, highway robbery to pay $3 for mashed potatoes when she can make them herself. Please understand how convenient your life is.  And also understand that your children will have it even easier than you do.  And their children will have it easier.  And so on.  That’s just the way it works. So when you start to think you have a pathetic life, remember that you have more blessings and gifts than a majority of the people in our world do. You really do.

11 thoughts on “Dear 8-Year Old Child Who Thinks He Doesn’t Have Enough”

  1. Cindy – Good reminder! I think it is hard for the upcoming generation to realize how good they have it b/c they have nothing to compare it to. What many of them will never know is how good it was generations ago when things were slower and simplier. I’m old enough to remember that from life on a farm in the country. I miss it some days!

  2. But I have to say I wish our kiddos could experience the joys of childhood freedom in a safe world like we did! I’m sure our mommas worried but not like we do. Oh and open campus lunch – good tines good times

  3. I was JUST thinking along these lines last night while on a road trip, returning from gramma’s house late at night and my children, sitting in the back seat, were arguing over which movie to watch.

    MOVIE! In the BACK SEAT of a MOVING vehicle at NIGHT!!

    I was about to explain to them how great they have it since, when I was a kid, all we could do was look outside and count the stars or sleep!! And, my oldest is now 8, too! I think I’ll print this one out for him and ask him to save it for his sister in four years. haha.

  4. Amen to that, what happened to the good ole’ days? When you used to make up games, play OUTSIDE and ride your bike up and down the street instead of texting and computers. I miss those days too!

  5. Oh and by the way I didn’t get a cellphone till I was in college but come to think of it I was borrowing my mother’s cellphone, lol.

  6. Oh…Golden Fried Chicken. I grew up in a small Texas town and loved me some Golden Fried Chicken. But it was a rare treat when we got it. And I remember my freshman year in college everyone was talking about this new thing called “email”. Oh and my first cell phone was comparable to Zach Morris’s cell phone on Saved By the Bell. So cool.

  7. AMEN, SISTA!! I’m printing this one out and posting it on all of my kids’ bathroom mirrors! Preach it!

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