Dealing With Disappointment

A lot of times things just don’t go our way. The natural response to an undesired event in your life is disappointment.  If you say otherwise, I think you are trying to be too spiritual.  While experiencing this emotion is expected and accepted, your disappointment has to become your stepping stone…not the anchor that drowns you. When you apply for that dream job and don’t land it.  When you think a relationship has potential and it suddenly ends.  When you take your 13th pregnancy test and still don’t see that second line.  When you submit your writings for publication and they aren’t accepted 🙂 Accept it.  Grieve it.  Feel it. But don’t live there.
Heavenly Father, I don’t really understand all of your ways.  Yet I know they are perfect.  Please help me to choose to trust you in the midst of my pain…especially when my emotions are vying for my attention.  As I walk this road, I will take thoughts captive and know that your timing is best.  
The last time I checked, our Creator is never late.

22 thoughts on “Dealing With Disappointment”

  1. Oh, there have been times I thought surely He was late. But then, when He moves, I am reminded of how perfect His timing is. I still like to mope for a day or two. I’m just sayin’.

  2. Disappointments are connected to expectations…And those get us into trouble sometimes. Learning to accept that God’s in control…and that it’s ALWAYS a good thing has been a hard lesson for me 🙂 I guess I’m just stubborn like that!

  3. Disappointments Suck!!

    Thankfully we have so much to be thankful for and are so blessed…the disappointment usually passes quickly.

    Also I have a dart board and usually attach pictures to it…That usually helps with disappointment and frustrations.

  4. Amen and amen. Thank you for the timely reminder. My son received his doctorate from UT last year. He’d been asst. supt. in Leander ISD (an incredibly fast-growing dist.) for several years. He was ready for the BIG job, but not at Cedar Hill, Dripping Springs, Georgetown…only one interview and no call back on that one. The Leander supt. had announced his retirement, but the trustees had conducted a nation-wide search with so many well-qualified applicants, it seemed impossible…until the exact time that Bret interviewed and was named the lone finalist as LISD Supt. He took over as supt. in Feb. Happily ever after? It’s LIFE, of course not. Was the Lord grooming him for that specific job in a thousand ways for a very long time? Absolutely. Will I forget the many lessons I’ve experienced about God’s perfect timing? You bet. But thanks for a beautiful reminder of a heartfelt example of God’s perfect timing in my life.

  5. So good to be reminded of God’s perfect timing. Looking at the now, I can get discouraged. But if I look back and remember all the times God brought me through a situation in His perfect timing, it helps bring some peace to the present crisis.

  6. I’ve often heard writers say that submitting for publication is one of those persistence things. Don’t take rejection seriously until the zillionth one. (grin)

  7. I learned this firsthand when I miscarried in March. One of the people I thought for sure would be telling me to “get over it” said, “embrace the pain. deal with it. then let it go.” It was so liberating as was this post.

    Thank you

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