Cutting Off Ears And Denying The Messiah

If anyone should have been disqualified from ministry, it was Peter.  Paul did some pretty awful things to the name of Christ as well, but Peter?  He walked with Christ and ate with Christ and followed Christ and left his family for Christ.  He told his Lord that he’d be with him til the end. And he was pretty good right up until the end shortly after seizing the ear from a guard showing his undying loyalty to the King of Kings.  That is, until he was asked if he knew this Jesus character.  And to that he replied, “I do not know or understand what you are talking about.”  Not once.  Not twice.  But three times. The second crow of the rooster was heard and Peter broke down and wept. If that scenario had happened today in our Christian circles, we’d have scorned him.  We’d have said he was “no longer fit for ministry”.  We’d have said that he’ll never be able to be a witness for Christ again. Thank God Peter was not living today or we might not be in relationship with the One, True God. Peter could have forsaken all that he knew and experienced with Jesus.  He could have lowered his head and ran away to some secluded desert to spend the rest of his days.  He could have disguised himself so that he would not be recognizable as the disciple who denied Christ the Lord. Instead, he chose to deal with his failure, shake the dust off his very worn sandals and press on the share the amazing love of the Son of God to the world.  For this, I am so grateful.
Few unmistakable evidences glorify Him more than powerfully restored lives that humbly and authentically proclaim His faithfulness to the death. – Beth Moore, The Beloved Disciple
Have you screwed up so badly that many are telling you you’ll never be a witness for Christ?  Have you shamed your family with failure upon failure only to hear that you’ll fail again?  Have you hidden in a corner hoping that no one will remember what you’ve done? Well, my friend, I have good news.  For, you see, His mercies, they are new every morning.  While there will still be consequences to the sin you once allowed to entangle you, it does not have to keep you strangled from here on out. Repent of your sin.  Receive the forgiveness offered to you.  And proclaim God’s faithfulness for the rest of your days.

12 thoughts on “Cutting Off Ears And Denying The Messiah”

  1. I’ve never heard those words, except in my own mind. And I’ve hidden, plenty. Thank God His mercies are new each morning! HOPE!!

    Thanks for the thoughts 🙂

  2. You know, I hadn’t ever considered that after denying Christ we would likely kick Peter out of church. Fascinating point.

    God, continue to change me so I want to be more like You. Thank You for Your grace! Amen.


  3. Amazing post. To follow up to amazing messages I heard this weekend. That was like dessert to a great meal!

    Prayer Grace Repent Forgiveness–I been a learning this weekend. 🙂

  4. I always wonder how someone who has walked with God as long as me could still do the things I do. But I guess we are all that way. Maybe that is how we really learn GRACE.

  5. On a day which was, for my husband, unexpectedly full of mopping up consequences of long past sin, this post was extremely encouraging to both of us. Thank you thank you thank you.

  6. Amen. When I first became Christian it was my “Peter-like” qualities that tended to make me run the other way. It’s a comfort to know that the disciples had faults and sinned. Makes us feel more normal.

  7. Are you reading my mail??? I just read those scriptures last night. In my road to learning how to trust again, I have to remember that people screw up (myself included), but it’s what happens afterward that makes the difference.

  8. What I dearly love about this is that BEFORE Peter messes up this time Jesus said to him “and when you return, strenghthen your brothers.” Jesus knew Peter was going to do this, He told him he was going to do it, and He already had a plan to restore Peter and use it. I love Jesus.

  9. so true… so good. Just when the enemy would like me to buy-in to the shame associated with sin and think that means I’m a disqualified disciple.

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