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So there I was.  Chatting online with a bunch of people I didn’t know about Jesus.  And we were having community. How crazy is that? You may know by now that I get to be a part of the greatest church ever.  Not that I’m biased or anything.  Over the years, we have rocked the boat and done things that few other churches would dare do with our fearless leader leading the way.  We’ve been ridiculed and laughed at.  Judged and gossiped about. And that’s fine.  Because we are about an audience of One. We will do things that aren’t expected in order for one soul to be saved.  We have a saying that says we’ll do anything short of sin to lead someone towards eternal life. Pretty sure we’ve done that. One of the ways we…and by we I mean the most FREAKIN’ AMAZING DIGERATI TEAM ever known to man…do ministry outside the box is by having church online. Do wha? You can have church on the internet?  On a computer screen?  In your pajamas. You betcher bottom dollar you can. And I did, y’all.  I had some church complete with goose pimples and a few hallelujahs. Not only that, but I sat mesmerized by the people having community who were praying for each other, offering an encouraging word to those who were hurting and rejoicing with those who’d just gotten new jobs.  So many of the people involved in Church Online attend other churches in their own community but are excited to be involved on the internet to further the gospel of Christ. I was completely blown away. We have experiences seven days a week.  I know, right?  So, go check out when the next one starts and be amazed. Be utterly and astoundingly amazed. I was. Church Online – Here!

3 thoughts on “Countries Currently Online (12)”

  1. I Love LifeChurch.tv Which of course you know!!

    I am now serving in LivePrayer during 2 experiences. It is so great to be able to be apart of the church even when I am in California!!!

    GO LIFECHURCH!!!!!!!
    Continue to bring Lives to Christ!!!!

  2. Cindy – I amy trying to get some of the different links to this to come up but it is being blocked by the Safe Eyes Filter on our laptop. Do you have any thoughts on what website to list that will clear the filter?

    Thanks! Can’t wait to watch church online! 🙂

  3. Love church on line!!! It’s not just a great tool to reach the lost, but also a “safe” training tool for us to practice sharing the gospel and become more bold…and I am not worried about our pastor, not one bit…i have learned more from him this past decade than four years of college I paid good $$ for…the judging skepticals(trying to be nice)are just jealous they didn’t come up with it first…not to mention it’s God’s plan…if writing had’t been invented the bible would not exist…and the skepticals would probably still be hithens, because people would be “skeptical” to come to them to share the gospel…technology and Holy Spirit are connected…I am going to have to write about it…

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