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  1. I have been a silent reader for a few weeks, but I just had to comment here. I am Keri’s sister in law. My personal favorite is when my older child is in trouble for something and his younger sister walks over an intentionally hits him or me so that she can sit in time out with him. Me: Megan, Do you need to sit in time out too? Her: Yes. (and she walks right over to her brother and sits down with a smile on her face) Good Times.

  2. My first born (now 26) never went thru that stage, but the second (now 16) OY! It took me and his brother to bring him to his room for a time out. I think we still have the scars. What happens to all our snappy come-backs when they say something like that?

  3. Ah. I see Seth is old enough to have discovered his “inner wolf”. Don’t you hate when that happens?

    The interesting thing about this, is when you realize that the world really isn’t of you, no matter how “PC” it gets. The sin pendulum swings both ways. Welcome to the world’s true “agenda”. And you thought all you had to worry about was that one that wants to destroy the family through “gayness”. Silly rabbits. That shiny circle in the path smeared with “justifiable pride” only looks like a pretty necklace. It’s really a rabbit trap.

  4. Do it…you’ll go to jail for sure.
    I’ve dialed 9-1 and I’ve got my finger on the 1…
    What kind of parent are you…disciplining your children for disobedience.


  5. The kids now days no all too well how much leverage they think they have. I think we all should drop them off at child services one weekend and see how fast the run back asking for forgiveness. So much fun LOL

  6. Where do they come up with the these things?! they are akk too smart for there own good! the hardest part is when they say something like that it’s hard to hold in the snicker or laugh.

  7. My daughter always tells me that. She always tells me she is calling the poe poes on me. She is the only one that for the most part spankings work. Time outs worked on my oldest.

  8. lol that’s too funny..but yes, slightly unsettling at the same time.

    I was born into an era where light spanking is acceptable. I remember only twice I got spanked by my dad. It was done early enough in my age, that it planted a sense of discipline in me so my dad wouldn’t have to do that later on in life (well, the spanking disguises itself into a form of “I’ll cancel off your college fund”…but it still worked).

    I’m still a supporter of light (butt) spanking, but NEVER EVER slap a child on his/her face or head, sadly I’ve seen this happened. Spanking on the buttocks area is not as psychologically ‘damaging’ as the face, and light spanking with say, a newspaper is also ‘less evil’ than spanking with your hand, i read that in an article a while ago.

  9. If you go to jail will they give you a laptop? I could just imagine your posts then.

    We told the kids that if they called the police, they would be sent to the Kid Pound, Mommy and Daddy would take a vacation and they would be put up for adoption. They would always just laugh at me and tell me there is no such thing as a Kid Pound. One day I drove by Juvenille Hall and they had the kids outside working. Ryan started crying that he didn’t want to go to the kid pound. I felt so bad.

    I know BAD MOMMY!!

  10. ….on a (somewhat) related note, did you know April is Child Abuse Prevention Month? Hmm. 😉

    I got spanked on the butt as a kid, and I think I turned out all right. 🙂

  11. We would have never been allowed to say that to our parents, we would have just gotten spanked harder. But that was in the 80’s. yeah.. I am old.

    Creative disciplining now huh?

  12. Long time no see CB…long time no see! Andy talks about your blog all the time. Finally hunted it down and loving every minute of it. Miss you…hope you are good. Love you girl.

    Em Dawg T

  13. My husband tells the story of when his brother told his mom that he would call CPS (child protective services) on her. She handed him the phone and told him to dial. He was stunned until she took the phone out of his hand and smacked him with is. Mexican moms (I’m not being racist…I live in Texas and have alot of hispanic friends) are known for spanking their kids with whatever his handy, especially shoes. (I’m not supporting this type of activity) When they tell the story, we cannot stop laughing.

  14. we don’t have babies yet… but my husband asked me today if i was ok with him spanking our kids… i said: i HOPE you do!

    i was raised with beatings, he was raised with beatings….

    i don’t understand why we have to spare the rod these days? what are we gonna do when we become parents??!!??!!!!

  15. Ok ever since you posted this, and everytime that i come back (usually once a day as i run through my blog list…), this STILL makes me laugh outloud! Your son is too cute! HA! I wish i’d had witty responses like that as a kid.. 🙂

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