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Come On, People

I’m a pretty passionate person.  Which means that I might have a temper. But it sounds better to call myself passionate. What? This passion comes out when I am wrongly accused or when someone puts words in my mouth or when my integrity is questioned or when someone thinks that I believe a certain thing when I may not. People read about or hear my story and they just assume that because I stayed in my broken marriage and surrendered my life to God so that He could fix it that I must think that everyone who has been cheated on should stay in their marriage. I don’t. Period. You won’t hear me suggest a divorce to someone or encourage someone to go down that path.  It’s not my role in life to be someone’s Holy Spirit.  I have often said to someone what I would do if I was in a similar situation.  I have also given advice based upon what the Word of God says.  But, the words “Hey, maybe you should get a divorce” will not come from my mouth. Even if I’m thinking it. Cuz I have. So, if I could be frank for a minute, I will tell you that I’m a little tired of hearing from people, usually women who have been cheated on, that they have value and rights, too. (They do. We all do.  That’s not the issue here.)  That they shouldn’t be expected to stay with their cheating husbands and just wait for God to “fix it”.  That they should just wait while their husband continues in his sin path and be there with open arms when, if, he decides to return home to them. When I chose to stay in my marriage it was because God spoke clearly to me.  It was His Word to me.  I prayed that he would guide me.  Not you.  If you are walking the road of infidelity, you have to hear from God.  You have to listen for what He is speaking.  You have to make the decision. Are we clear, people? (You say “crystal”). Thanks for letting me think out loud.

6 thoughts on “Come On, People”

  1. Where is your “like” button? I’m mentally clicking it just so you know.

    Good words to hear this morning. Miss you and love you.


  2. Cindy,
    I say, “Crystal” but that’s cause I agree with you. I’m hoping those that might think differently can see where you are coming from. I pray that people will guard their mouths and pray for others versus spouting off advice that could be damaging. Let’s encourage each other to listen to God and then follow what He says to us as individuals. He is so speaking…praying for ears to hear. love to you!

  3. “crystal”
    As my very wise husband said in his sermon last night, “At the end of our lives, we are not going to answer to each other, we are only going to answer to God, quit trying to please others, and focus on the only One that matters!”

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