Closer And Closer To Glory

And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his likeness with everincreasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit. 2 Corinthians 3:18
Yep. I’m closer today than I was yesterday. Not only because today marks my arrival onto this earth 38 years ago, but also because I am striving, with all that is within me, to reflect Christ. Nothing brings me more pleasure and absolute, unadulterated joy than to hear that I have my Heavenly Father’s heart. I’ve read God’s Word, the Bible, most of my life. Can’t even remember a time when I didn’t attend a church or wasn’t somehow involved in a ministry. I’ve done my share of youth camps and choir tours. Mission trips are on my spiritual resume including a 10-week hiatus to an Indian reservation in Wyoming when I was 20 years old. Leading teenagers with my husband as well as involving God’s people in worship through music are definite high points in my life. Good times. Yet, after all of that, which may not be much compared to others, I am still a student. Still a woman who learns something new about her Savior on a regular basis. Just when I think I’ve learned all I can about the Creator of the universe and His majestic ways, He goes and outdoes Himself again. And again. And again. As I approach living four decades on planet earth, I am filled with excitement. Excitement about what else I’ll learn about my God and about myself, even when hardship enters my path. I don’t want to eat the bread of idleness but I also don’t want to miss the scent of the flowers as I notice them along the journey. So, wherever you are on your walk, I invite you to join Christ. His ways and plans are perfect. His hopes and dreams for you are beyond what you could ever imagine or even plan for yourself, for that matter. He finds such pleasure in you and wants you to know it. He is so good. And do this thing called life with someone. Unpack your heart with a person you trust. Because life is meant to be noticed. And for the record, my mother still thinks I’m 22.

24 thoughts on “Closer And Closer To Glory”

  1. Happy Birthday!!! I love your writing. Your heart comes through and you are a beautiful person. Hope I can meet you someday. Have a wonderful day!


    This weekend my mom mentioned my upcoming birthday – saying I was about to be 29.

    “No mom, I’ll be 30.”

    oh you should’ve heard the tone in her voice. I think she nearly cried: “NO! NO…. No. Mandy. You can’t be. Don’t do that to me ~ that means I’m really old.”

    We mutually agreed that I would stay 29 for a few more days… That way it’ll slowly sink in!

    Sorry, Mom! You (& dad) started this!

  3. happy happy, cindy.

    yours should be easy to remember – smack dab between my husbands (yesterday) and mandy’s (tomorrow).

    i wouldn’t want to be 22 again, if you are keeping records.

  4. I agree with finding someone to share your life with. It has changed my life… even if it isn’t a man, sharing life is so important. But equally important is sharing it with someone you trust!!

    Thanks for the post. I love that scripture!

    Happy Birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday Ms. Cindy..

    I’ve totally have told you that You ROCK my world..
    Even at 39 !!!

    You definately don’t look a minute over 22!!!

  6. Cindy,
    It is late and I am just now sitting down to write you this post! I have been blessed by you and your blog so much! I hope today was an awesome day for you! Maybe one of these days we can get together with Robin and the other Edmond bloggers. It would be so fun!
    Happy Birthday Blessings friend!

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