Climb Every Mountain

I was able to hear Priscilla Shirer speak this past weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma. (Girl can preach.) (C’mon now.) It did my heart and spirit good, I tell you.  Got to spend time with a dear friend, see some old friends, stay in a hotel and eat at two different restaurants. I know, right? I think the biggest thing I took away from listening to Priscilla was this:  There’s good stuff in the hard stuff. Can somebody please say “That’ll preach”? I won’t lie to you and tell you that this season of life I’m in is all dandy.  There’s nothing detrimentally wrong, per se, but everything seems to be a struggle and take a whole lotta effort. And I do mean everything. But for some odd reason, I guess I’d forgotten that it’s in the valley where the growth comes.  We love the mountain top experiences because they feel GREAT but is that really reality? One thing the mountain is great for is the view.  Oh, to look out onto the world in front and below and see how much good there is.  It’s a pleasing sight.  It’s on the mountain that we truly see just how green the valley is. So friends, if you are in a valley, just know this sister is right there with you.  But let’s not give up because one day in the near or distant future, we’ll finish our climb up the mountain and be able to enjoy the view. Now THAT will preach.

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  1. cindy…it’s been a while, hope you guys are good! GREAT POST! I’m going through one of those seasons right now and have learned to step into the pain. as a matter of fact I ask that daily, what pain do i need to step into today. in dodging the pain we miss out on the blessings of God, in fully embracing the season allows God to take us to places we have never been.

    good stuff…


  2. One thing about being in the valley…shows us how beautiful the mountain is and what an accomplishment it will be to have climbed it. I like the valleys cause we are most often there but that’s also where most folks are! It’s like a gathering place of those who are following Christ. It seems harder to relate to those on the mtn tops…but that might be just me. I guess I have just decided its all about the journey, mountian after mountain. So why not, walk, hike, traipse, struggle, run it together! Here’s to our experiences and our journey!

  3. I was thinking the same thing as Keri – being able to view the mountain – to see exactly how huge it is, to know what God will overcome with you is a gift in itself….and after all that hiking, all that struggle to get to the top, how much better shape you will be in!

  4. I was just talking to a close friend about the vast difference between mountain tops and valleys – we forget that mountain tops are harsh and rugged and nearly lifeless… When God calls us to the mountain top, it’s usually a harsh rugged experience. The valley is quiet and full of life, but not the mountain top.

  5. I’m with you, friend. In that valley. It’s not really a painful valley. Lord knows, I’ve been through those. It’s just a hard one. A challenging one. I miss my groove. But, God doesn’t miss my groove. I’m sure of it.

  6. I know all about some valleys and while it was some tough stuff….it’s when i met Jesus and grew the most!!

    Can’t wait to hear your angel voice and see your beautiful face Thursday evening…..I hope to sneek up for a hug, although I know you will be very busy!!!

    Have a blessed day friend.


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