Chris Tomlin Would Be Smiling


I load up my black Honda Pilot with his Tball gear as he hops in the back seat.  I wonder if he’ll stay awake for the 20-minute trek to our house after just playing his heart out.  I turn the engine over and the tunes immediately start blaring from my previous drive.  Click, click, click.  The CD changer goes to the 3rd CD at my command and some more melodic tunes starts playing.  I keep going forward and get to song #5 because it is his favorite.  I know this because every time it starts he says, “this is my favorite song, I will rise, Mommy.”

I won’t lie and tell you that this song doesn’t hit me in the deepest parts of my heart.  Many times I’ve ended up in tears as the words have flowed from my speakers.

There’s a peace I’ve come to know.  Though my heart and flesh may fail.  There’s an anchor for my soul.  I can say, “it is well”.  Jesus has overcome.  And the grave is overwhelmed.  The victory is won.  He is risen from the dead.

I know that peace.  It has been the calm in a very tumultuous storm for me many a time.  I’ve said “it is well” on more occasions than I can even remember because I trust my God so fully.  I don’t always understand.  And I certainly don’t always like the outcome.  I know that there will be many more things to come in this life that I will not grasp.

And I’m totally okay with that.

But one thing I do get, one thing I do know is that God inhabits the praises of His people.  So when my 5 & 1/4 year old starts singing at the top of his lungs words that he does not even comprehend, my heart is soaring. Fewer things can top that moment.

And I will rise when He calls my name.  No more sorrow, no more pain.  I will rise on eagles’ wings.  Before my God, fall on my knees.  And rise.  I will rise.

I imagine that the heavens were smiling and rejoicing at Seth’s song.  He doesn’t say every word correctly.  He still says “wise” for “rise” and “sowwow” for “sorrow”, but my gut tells me that his Heavenly Father doesn’t mind at all.  In fact, He might be in the heavens saying, “Look how adorable Seth Beall is.  He can’t say the words correctly.  But he still sings with his whole heart.”

In a world of Spongebob Squarepants, XBOX 360 games, and getting air on his dirt bike, my son’s heart is singing the praises of our Savior.  And he doesn’t even quite know it.

I guess I’m doing something right on this motherhood journey.

And I’ll rest in that for now.

5 thoughts on “Chris Tomlin Would Be Smiling”

  1. “God inhabits the praises of His people.”

    Good statement. Psalm 22:3 in the NIV says, “You are enthroned as teh Holy One; you are the praise of Israel.” An alternative reading for the 2nd half of the verse could be “you are enthroned on the praises of Israel.”

    Where is God when we worship? Present with us, enthroned by our songs, worship and adoration. I like that verse!

  2. You’ve highlighted one of my favorite things…hearing my children sing praises. For some reason, they stand there like bumps on a log in church and sing, (even though very few others are), BUT…at home and in the car, they sing their hearts out…and then they ask me what the words mean, and we have some of the deepest conversations of their young lives.

    And you know what? I think it’s prophetic. When they worship with words and phrases that they don’t understand, they are still planting seeds in their own heart, tilling the soil, prophesying over their own lives, and speaking powerfully into their own future.

    I love it!

  3. My little 4 year old grandson does this as well. I think exactly the same thing, that it must please God. He learned The Lord’s Prayer at Easter time, He was a little more than 3 at that time. He and his mom worked on it nightly. He said The Lord’s Prayer as Grace for Easter Dinner. Noone could believe he could do it , and most everyone had a tear in their eye. He always says, Gramma, I love God”. I of course answer, ” I love God too Danny”.
    Every time we pass a church he starts yelling, ” Theres God’s house, he knows that because they have crosses on them”. God love the little children, they don’t have our hang-ups. They just say what they think, even in this politically correct mess we live in!

  4. I am at work, Listening to Pandora, while I read this.

    Guess what song just started to play. I Will Rise!!

    I have goosebumps now. 🙂

  5. this is one of my favorite songs because I feel like God enables me to rise each and every day in spite of what is going on around me. Some days it is alot and difficult to rise but I rest in the fact that He lifts me up and in that I rise!

    btw, Hannah gave that song to me and now all the kiddos and I sing it out!

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