Apparently, They Appreciate Me

Seven years ago I was pregnant with him. I remember it well. His little body was nestled closely against my bladder and sciatic nerve. He was constantly on my nerve. Literally. But I didn’t mind. This strained physical time in my life allowed me time to reflect and rest while my body continued to create and mold his. It also afforded me great quality time with his older brother whom he would soon meet. Today, I live…

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Encouragement Motherhood

He’s Healed!

He played hard outside on Monday afternoon. He rode his bike around the neighborhood while I ran. In addition to that, he participated in a neighborhood game of football and came home with grass all over him. As he walked in the door for dinner, I knew he didn’t feel good. But, he waited to tell me until the sun went down for fear that I’d make him come inside. Which, of course, I would…

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