Can You Tell He’s Been Transformed?

He doesn’t really look that different to me on the outside. Seth's Baptism 4 But rest assured, he is on the inside. You see, he got baptized at our church this past weekend by his Daddy. And after he’d been submerged in the water, he was pulled back up and thrust into the air by the strong arms of the man he admires most. We came home after eating a tasty, fast-food dinner of his choice and all he could say was, “I got bapa-tized!” In my opinion there is nothing sweeter than a childlike faith in Christ. His public display of baptism was just that: A public display of what had already taken place in his six-year old heart. Seth's Baptism 3 I’m one thankful momma.

5 thoughts on “Can You Tell He’s Been Transformed?”

  1. What a precious moment. There is nothing that brings more joy to my heart or tears to my eyes then seeing a child baptized. I pray fervently that my children will choose Jesus and cling desperately to Proverbs 22:6. So happy for you, Chris, and most of all, your sweet boy.

  2. Beautiful! And, I love that he calls it “bapa-tized.” I have twin girls, (one baptized Easter 2009 at age 7, one at Lifestock 2010 at age 8), and the older one called it “Baba-tized” at the time. Such special memories!

  3. Such a precious moment. I know you and Chris are so proud. Don’t know if you got my text, but hug that big boy of yours for us and tell him congratulations. Love you guys so much!

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