Can You Keep A Secret?

I have some incredible news to share. I really want to tell you all right now.  Today, in fact.  I mean, you deserve to know what has gotten me grinning from ear to ear.  It’s the right thing to do, tell you my news, that is. But, I won’t be telling you said news until Monday. Don’t hate. So, will you come back then to find out? Pretty please? With Splenda on top? Thanks.

17 thoughts on “Can You Keep A Secret?”

  1. Oh this is just mean – now if you had said ‘covered in chocolate’ that might have been easier to take. Looking forward to Monday.

  2. I know!!!

    Let’s try to guess what it is!

    1) Cindy’s moving to … ???
    2) She’s pregnant, which is what happens when bloggers take a month off from blogging! (wait – I might get cyber-slapped for that one)
    3) She’s getting an honorary degree from some school for her fantastic mentoring skills!!
    4) She’s going to be speaking at a really cool conference/event situation.

    hmmm…. I’m fresh outta ideas.

  3. Why am I the only one guessing?!

    Ok. Well. I’m back with more!
    5) It has something to do with the book.
    6) You & your man are embarking on a new ministry – something to do with mentoring or marriage or starting a new church.
    7) You’ve got a writing contract.
    8) You’re going on staff with Focus on the Family.
    9) Beth Moore has asked you to mentor her! 😉

  4. Ok Mandy, I will play….

    10 – She is launching a nationwide radio talk show

    11 – She is going back to school in order to earn a degree to get paid for the advice she gives for free now….

    12 – She is going on a country singing tour….

    13 – She is trying out for that Country Music American Idol thing….

  5. mean. very, very mean.


    youre adopting?

    youve landed your own cooking show on the food network?

    you got a ferret?

    youre coming to oregon to celebrate our 40th bdays together???

    mmm, i like the last one. thats my vote.

    this is a vote, right?

  6. Okay, I’ll play.

    I think this is number 19?

    You & your hubby have just been invited to counsel a couple in Hawaii, all expenses paid and you can bring the kids (a babysitter will be provided when necessary).

  7. HAHAHA!! Great ideas! And I think there should be a prize for the one who guesses the right answer, right? Like an all-expenses-paid trip to hang out with Cindy and her entourage! *AHEM!!!*

    Are we on #20?

    20) She’s been asked to be a guest on Life Today with the Robinsons.

    21) She’s won a life-time supply of Apple products

    22) She’s going on the Ellen Show

  8. Precious sister we knew God’s timing would be perfect! Praise Him! I rejoice with you and know this is just the beginning….

  9. Cindy I am so excited for you and SO VERY PROUD of you i just can’t put it into words..You Rock girl and I’m honored to call you sister (in law). Congrats…keep us posted.

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