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Can You Keep A Secret?

“…see that no one knows about this.” Matthew 9:30
Jesus made this request just after he restored the sight of two blind men. He also made a similar statement upon raising a young girl from the dead (Luke 8:56). Why? Why did he make such statements to the blind men and to the family of the young girl? Was he just being humble? Was he doing reverse psychology on them hoping that they’d run off and share the astounding news anyway? Was he truly hoping that no one would find out so that he could get some rest and not have to heal every time he saw a sick person? I mean, if this were today and Jesus was walking the earth healing folks and bringing dead people back to life, don’t you know it would be plastered not only all over the local and national news, but also on Facebook and Twitter. I can just see the tweet on Twitter now:
Jesus, son of God, spotted raising young girl from the dead in Jerusalem. He demanded they keep it quiet & not tell a soul? Please re-tweet.
(In 140 characters, of course.) I’m sure there are commentaries out there that give suggestions to my questions.  I know there are some really smart men and women out there who probably have a good idea. What do you think? Why did Jesus want them to keep quiet?

3 thoughts on “Can You Keep A Secret?”

  1. Well, in v. 34 it says: But the Pharisees said, “He can cast out demons because he is empowered by the prince of demons.”

    I get the sense Jesus was trying to keep it like an underground thing so the wrong people wouldn’t find out and come after him. He was on a mission and didn’t need to be deterred. Those wrong people would deter Him and wreak havoc. The Pharisees were trouble enough. But, as we know it happened anyway. There were lots of naysayers and troublemakers along the way.

  2. One of the times (and I am too lazy to hunt it down) after he told them not to tell and they did, He was basically run out of the town because He couldnt get any peace – people were everywhere….

    And we know how Jesus liked His alone time with the Father and with His boys…. Maybe He wanted a little peace. Maybe He needed it. Maybe all those people didnt really get who He was and just wanted Him to perform like a dancing monkey….

    IDK – but I think it would be kind of hard not to say what happened when someone goes “Hey, werent you blind yesterday….” What do you say to that? “Yeah, but Im not anymore…and Im nt going to tell you why…” Wha????

  3. Jennifer, that is funny… Weren’t you blind yesterday? Yeah, but I’m not gone tell you how!!
    Cindy, I’ve often thought of that… What a strange request considering we are charged with telling others of Jesus and His marvelous works.
    ThThe ine of thinking commented above bt the other comments makes sense… He’s knew how people are drawn to miracles, drama, excitement, but He didn’t do what he did for that reason…

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