Burn The Ships

Many months ago I purchased a sign that made me literally laugh out loud at the local Hobby Lobby.  It reads:
There’s a skinny girl inside me who is trying to get out but I can usually shut her up with cookies.
Since I’ve been on my weight-loss journey for the last five months, many of my friends have asked why I haven’t gotten rid of the sign. Good question.  My answer? Because I don’t want to be that person anymore.  The sign, as funny as it is, reminds me of where I do not want to be. So, I leave it there.  In plain view.  To remind me. Because ya’ll, the skinny girl? SHE IS FREE!

6 thoughts on “Burn The Ships”

  1. I think you are sooo smart, my friend! I have all kinds of things posted, printed, taped and nailed up around my house…to remind, encourage, inspire and make me laugh!

    Cookies are yummy…but not a solution…so you girl, skinny girl!

    My mornings are made better by you!


  2. You are so wise!

    I keep my fat picture on my phone. I look at it often.

    Dang it now you encouraged me to leave my warm bed and workout.

    Thanks! (I think)

  3. Plz help, I’m trying like forever to lost weight, and sometimes I get so depressed. I’ve started an exercise programme with my hubby and it is going good, but it is my eating that I think makes me put on the weight, plz advise.


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