Building Men

I really don’t like the word yeah. Call me old-fashioned or traditional, but I prefer a yes ma’am or no sir when addressing someone older. I am trying to instill in my boys a respect for authority.  If you ask me, I think that is something that is missing in our society today.  So, when my boys meet someone for the first time, we tell them to make eye contact, give a firm handshake and say nice to meet you. Some days my youngest will barely even get out a hello while hiding behind me but we are working on that.  My oldest has made great strides and while he will probably not engage in a lot of conversation because of his introvert-ness, he will most certainly meet you eye to eye, shake your hand and tell you he’s doing fine, just fine. Eight years from this moment, God willing, my husband and I will be preparing our oldest for his freshman year of college.  Still very hard to believe that it’s that close.  I feel like I have so little time with him.  I want to get it right.  I want him to become the man God wants him to become. Building men is hard work.

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  1. So…we knew pretty quick our last one was going to require extra work – so we work and work on him….when he was in the 4 year old class at church (his teacher is old school so sometimes its a trial to sit in his desk) we thought we had made great strides. He sat, he raised his hand, he knew the stories and his verses….

    A friend of mine who had a little girl in the same class was telling me how much Arden loved Will. She said that Arden came home just thinking he was the bomb because he could belch the 23rd Psalm….


  2. Annie, what you wrote is quite okay with me. So many kids these days don’t know what it means to have a parent correct them; it was just a way of life when I was young.

    “Yes, ma’am” and “no, sir” are words we rarely hear anymore, but words we like to hear, nonetheless. I was certainly taught to address my elders in that fashion. You know, it wouldn’t hurt to light up some bottoms every now and then as we instruct our children to give proper respect.

    It impresses me greatly to hear you and your husband want to rear your boys the way you do. It’s also encouraging to read about your motives. Way to go.

  3. Right now my men have thrown the cushions off the couch and are jumping down the seat like monkeys. Sometimes, I would rather raise monkeys. I think they are possibly quieter. And better smelling.

  4. Good post. You and your husband are on the right track! It may seem like things are progressing slow at times, but your sons will stand above the crowd in character and deportment. Respect for authority, a steady handshake and eye contact will reflect the confidence you are instilling within them. Good job!

    Note: I linked here from Loren’s blog.

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