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Book Review: The Christian Athiest by Craig Groeschel

I’m blessed to have such an awesome pastor. I feel this way because I know Craig fairly well and believe in him wholeheartedly.  He’s the real deal.  (And he’s writing the foreword for my book.) The-Christian-Atheist So when I tell you that you should read his latest book The Christian Athiest, YOU SHOULD READ HIS LATEST BOOK THE CHRISTIAN ATHIEST! (Not yellin’, just encouragin’.) The title has obviously thrown some people off.  It catches their attention (what titles are meant to do) and sometimes offends them and other times intrigues them.  Let this title intrigue you. But I must warn you:  You will see yourself in this book.  If you are a Christ Follower and live in this world, you will see yourself in this book.  Don’t be scared or nervous or worried that you’ll feel defeated or like you are the worst person on the earth. You are not. But, you do have areas of your life that need to be changed just like I do. You can get his book by clicking on this link right here: The Christian Athiest. Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Christian Athiest by Craig Groeschel”

  1. Picking this book up after my current read! Can’t wait, I know it will make me step back and take a look at some areas in my life just by reading the title.
    Thanks for the review, its been on my summer reading list. 🙂

  2. Bought this book after your review (blog follower) and now our church is doing a seven week small group and weekend talks on this book. Just finished chp 8 and this book is awesome! How humble and relate able he is. Very cool that he is your pastor.

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