Big Ole Jet Airliner…Don’t Carry Me Too Far Away

Hawaii. New York City. San Francisco/Napa Valley. Italy. Spain. England. Australia. These are places I’d love to visit.  And I plan to one day. What about you? Where is one place you’d love to visit that you’ve yet to see?

12 thoughts on “Big Ole Jet Airliner…Don’t Carry Me Too Far Away”

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Switzerland! Just stay in one of those cozy chalets (SP?) and enjoy the mountain views!!! We fly over Europe every summer to go home, and I would just love to stop off in Switzerland. I watched the series 1,000 Places to See Before You Die on the Travel Channel a few years ago, and it just made me want to go everywhere!!!! It really sparked a fire in me. I have been to Hawaii once, and it is my dream to go back there. It really is paradise. I’ve also been wanting to go to The Maldives or Seychelles. I just love blue water and white sand beaches!!!

  2. Grand Canyon

    God’s nature and what He did always inspires me – actually, really makes me feel tiny, which I like.

    While visiting San Francisco, you need to head north a bit and see a redwood tree. Those are just freaks of nature. God is so cool!!

  3. I was priveledged to grow up in France and to visit Spain, Germany, England, Sweden, Jordan, Turkey, and too many United States to mention….
    but ISRAEL is my dream.
    I’ve recently discovered the thrill of traveling ALONE and can only imagine how meaningful that trip could be…

    Sometimes no jet can carry you far enough away : )

  4. Any of the New England states, the Southwest US and Hawaii. That’s the U.S. I’d love to visit Africa and Australia. Actually, my husband and I have been talking about “living” in Australia. I have some online friends who live there. It would be so cool to hook up with them and share stories and attend worship service with them.

  5. I dream of those places, too! A vacation…. oh, a vacation. Tony and I have never been on a vacation. Maybe one day when our kids are older we will do some traveling!

  6. Australia and England would be my first two far away places I’d like to visit. And I would love to go the Baltics and the Med (mainly Italy and France)..

  7. It is my dream to travel all over the US and then the world. I want to visit every state in the US and see its natural wonders. I also want to visit Canada, the rainforest in South America, Australia, all the European countries……..

    I agree with Jennifer, I am inspired by God’s awesome creation.

    I have so far travelled all over Texas, Colorado (literally crossed the Continental Divide four times on a four wheeler), New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi. My only overseas travel so far was to Germany when I wa 19, I was fortunate enough to be visiting with a family that wanted me to experience their country and I did.

    My youngest son will graduate from high school next month, let the road trips begin!

  8. Well I have been fortunate to live in Italy, and have been to Germany and Austria.
    But I would love to visit Hawaii and Australia and visit my husbands country South America.

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