Big Girls Really Do Cry

Dang, y’all. If you only knew what I’ve been through over the last few days. It was nothing life threatening by any means. I didn’t lose a family member or a limb. I didn’t hear that we wouldn’t have a place to sleep or food to eat. None of those. But, it was serious enough to make this momma of two boys cry her little eyes out like a schoolgirl. Yesireebob I did. Rabbit Chasing: I can’t even tell you how saddened I am that I didn’t get to give all y’all my American Idol run down. Was this blog tragedy the Lord speaking to me to quit blogging so much? Was it SATAN? Silly Cindy, of course it was Satan. The Lord wants me to keep my readers entertained, and I try to accomplish that each Tuesday night with AI. Many of you have learned that I am one cheap frugal woman. I watch every dime that goes in and out of our non-manicured hands. I budget and keep Excel spreadsheets until my little heart is content. It comforts me for some sick, deranged reason. Back in March I decided that I liked the whole cindybeall.com thing and figured I should go ahead and buy hosting for my site for a full year because, after all, it is less expensive. And that’s just the way I roll, kids. So, I purchased the full year and all was well. That’s what she said. (Used courtesy of Michael Scott.) Saturday morning, April 19th, I was looking at my hosting account and noticed that there was also a recurring monthly hosting that was occurring. I thought to myself, “I don’t need that anymore. I just bought a new, full year.” I proceeded to delete the hosting account and did so successfully, thank you very much. And then I realized that cindybeall.com no longer existed. $@*%&!#$@*%&!# One might think, “Not a problem. Just start up the site again with the new hosting you purchased in March and put your blogs on there manually from the saved archives.” I was supposed to save them? That’s right. I had never saved them to my computer’s hard drive simply because I HAD A FREAKIN’ WEBSITE THAT HAD THEM AND IT SAVED THEM. There’s no bitterness in me. None at all. Sal good. Now, I will go ahead and say what some of you are thinking. Idiot. I resemble that. After all, I’m no Digerati guru like Terry Storch, who, by the way, SINGLEHANDEDLY saved my blog tonight. I don’t have the savvy graphic design creativity like the pink-haired girl or Anne Jackson. No, I don’t know my stuff like Scott Magdalein or Bobby Gruenewald. I do feel quite certain that Keri Austin, Scott Williams, and Robin Storch could easily poke fun at this most random act of stupidity that I did. It’s okay. I give you permission. Just lock your doors at night because I know where all three of y’all live. I’m just sayin’. But there are a handful of you feeling for me right now. You know who you are Robin Meadows, Princess Jes, Sheri Yates, Gee-nah, Sarah Markley, and Erin Keller. Maybe it’s because you read that I cried or that I had to drop $150 to get my blog back up and running or because you did it yourself. Right G? And y’all are so sweet for feelin’ that way. Stop the tears. I’d also like to thank Jimmy Paravane, Theresa, Natalie, Melanie and Raf for coming to my rescue with their concerns. The Paravane even went so far as to threaten me, in the name of Jesus, of course, if I didn’t get my blog up and running soon. He followed through and embarrassed the snot out of me, but I took that as a big ole electronic hug from him. Theresa and Raf wanted to know…what the??? And of course, sweet Nat and Mel. Dear friends who even wrote about my sadness on their own blogs saying that I’d be up in no time. Talk about some love. Pre-shade it. Restoration of my blog: $150 My two precious boys rubbin’ their momma’s shoulder while she was crying: Priceless.

35 thoughts on “Big Girls Really Do Cry”

  1. Oh girl! I’m so glad you’re back. I thought their was a Beal virus in my computer. I missed you so! Don’t feel too bad, there are soooo many of us techless wonders – too many to count. That’s why God gifted all the gurus – to “serve” us – sorry couldn’t resist. Don’t go away anymore, you’re in my top 5!

  2. Girl,
    I was going to email you last night if I could not find out what had happened to you! I have been out of town and came back to only three entries by the famous Cindy Beall! I thought to myself, “What the heck is going on?”

    Praise the Lord for good friends so you can be up and running. I am so sorry you had a crisis of the technical kind. I had one of those two weeks ago at work before I was to leave for a week. I feel your pain…
    Glad your back!

  3. Whew! I was having some withdrawl. I had to ask Mandy yesterday what was up? I didn’t know what was going on, I kept clicking on the link and nothing……sheer panic! Glad your back. I need my daily dose!

  4. I’m glad you’re back! I usually check your blog everyday and I am always touched in some way (laugh, cry, think, etc.). I sent a prayer up for you. 🙂 I’m sorry that it had to be so stressful and costly. :s

  5. Glad you’re back, and NO, I would absolutely NOT make fun of you. You are reading the comment of a woman with no administrator rights on her own Mac b/c Terry is afraid I’ll screw something up and he’ll have to spend hours and hours fixing it.

    So, glad all is well in the land of cindybeall.com. You were missed.

  6. Cindy, Cindy, Cindy. I don’t threaten. I act. Sometimes I overeact. But I like you. I wouldn’t threaten you. I will embarrass you though. Especially when it comes to your family. No not your blood kin, your church family. I have no qualms sending a scolding email to Craig(actually Sarah because Craig is smart, grin), Bobby and Terry for letting you do a technical boo boo. Yer much too popular an LC’er now to be in charge of the tech side of this blog. It belongs to us, your readers now. (grin)
    So, in the spirit of overreacting, anybody want to send Cindy a few dollars to help make up that $150 she had to spend to get the blog back up? I can tell you how. Who is the king of hidden secret knowledges? I am! (grin)
    I’m glad you’re back up Cindy. I’ll stop teasing you now. For now. (grin)

  7. Yaaayyyyyy!!!! I am so very happy right now I think two blue birds are draping a banner of joy over my shoulders. When Mel told me what happened I thought I would cry FOR you! Then I just wanted to know HOW it happened so I don’t ever do the same thing. Yikes! Welp, you are a very beloved blogger in the Lone Star State. I am sure that many at Cross Timbers are more than a little excited to see your shiny face back online.

  8. Thank you for being the one to trail blaze the route for those of us who happen to be Morons of the Internet World. Much appreciated and to quote Andy, Lesson Learned…Lesson Learned.

  9. budgets and excel…smells like heaven.

    of course money matters works well too since the gl is built in but you have to back it up…doh!

  10. Actually, now that I think about it, I don’t feel too bad about myself after what I did. I mean, it wasn’t like I deleted a formula in my Excel spreadsheet or anything. Seriously, that would make me an idiot since that is where I’m “the guru”.

  11. Well lookie here who is back! Glad to have ya back….
    Although I really try to watch AI I did not get too and omg! you vanished. So, I just got the 411 from the news. I survived. Anyway….I can’t wait to hear from you.

  12. I don’t even know what Digerati is…is it similar to Dijeridoo?

    (if none of y’all knows Dijeridoo then this joke would totally bomb)

  13. Hey! I hate that you lost everything on your blog for a short time, but there is some good in it. I figured out your new website, and I read it today. You are so entertaining!

  14. I was having withdrawals. Actually had to enter a 12 step program, then I learned how to turn it over to my Higher Power. Thank God that you’re back!

  15. I think the worst thing is when you do something to yourself.

    I can’t really get that mad at one of my girls if they break something of mine. But boy am I furious and crying if I shatter one of my own dishes. I broke one of my own really special goblets washing up from Christmas dinner this year. I totally sobbed.

    I wouldn’t have cried had my husband done it. I probably wouldn’t even have been mad.

    I am so glad you are back up. And that you have stopped crying long enough to keep writing. =)

  16. I wondered what happened to you. Cindy Beall was gone – what? Amazing story of restoration! 30 comments so far – maybe you were missed – a little – whatever!!!

    off the subject – when I saw Sarah Markley, I thought it said Malarkey – yes, I am off to bed! 🙂

  17. Praise the Lord that you are back! It’s way more than just having something to read about nearly every day of the week, it is about the chunks of truth and heaps of laughter that you bring…of course Satan wants it gone…but God’s people were heard in unison as we all cried out! So God is Restoration, and this Terry Storch is also restorer of good things! HA-MEIN!

  18. Well I kept thinking what in the world has happened to Cindy??!! I know she said her computer was sick and had to be taken in… and she blogged about using Chris’ computer to blog and how she did not like it… but this is ridiculous! I was about to have BK ask Chris if you had been abducted! But figured he might send me to blog rehab if he knew how addicted I am!

    Glad your back!

  19. SO GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK…I have to admit, I was LOST for several days…wondering where you went! I am so so sorry it cost so much…are you backing it all up from now on?!?!?!! Love ya!

  20. i broke out in a cold sweat just reading this. back up, back up, back up. that’s the lesson i learned. 🙂 glad you’re up and running again. life wouldn’t be the same without a daily dose of cindyb! love ya’ friend.

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