Better Than I Was Back Then

I’m a better mother today than I was 10 years ago.  I’m a better wife than I was 17 years ago.  I’m a better friend than I was in 1987. I’ve been reading a book about parenting children.  It’s chock full of information and quite frankly, I can only take the book in doses.  Not only does it make my brain spin with great ideas and advice, but I’ve felt a few guilty pangs make their way to my insecure, parenting heart. If I’m being honest, y’all. But then something dawned on me just last night.  I am training my sons.  Training them in life, in godliness, in preparation for not only handling the things of this world, but also preparing them for eternity.  They are making many mistakes along the way, but at the same time, they are also making strides. My oldest, Noah, is brilliant.  I’ve said that, right?  Well, he is and he takes after his dad on that.  I cannot even begin to think that I contributed to his wit and intelligence.  But, his looks? Well, that’s another story.  He is the spittin’ image of me 🙂 Just the other day he made a comment about something he didn’t have.  He was comparing himself to his friends and said that they all had this thing he wanted.  He had a minor pity party for himself and I said very calmly, “Where’s your thankfulness for what you have?” I then left it at that and moved on.  Within a couple of minutes he said, “I’m sorry for saying that.” He’s growing.  He’s becoming the man of God I always believed he’d become.  He’s taking ownership for his actions.  He is becoming a young man who actually thinks of others.  Not always, mind you, but he is on his way. But, y’all, it’s taken a lot of effort.  A. LOT. Just like my parenting does.  I mentioned that I’m a better parent now than I was before his birth.  It’s true.  I realize so much more now.  And in ten more years, I will realize so much more.  I’ll be a better parent in ten more years. As I train my sons to be who God wants them to be, I am also being trained by the hand of God to be a better parent.  Sometimes I expect myself to be the perfect parent.  But after last night, I am just praying that God would make me better and better, day by day, year by year.

7 thoughts on “Better Than I Was Back Then”

  1. Dang, that was GOOD, CB. GOOOOOOOD. I’ll “takle” that book after I finish this other you got me a readin’. Get it? Takle? Hahaha. Okay. No haha.

  2. Oh my–I would love to know what parenting book you’re reading. I am experiencing the same with the book I’m reading (complete w/ study guide)–“Shepherding a Child’s Heart” — talk about conviction! I put it down several wks ago to meditate on the latest prescription given :-). I will surely return to my reading but I am now comforted by your shared experience b/c you seem (and sound) great! Thank you for sharing…

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