Being Married To A Pastor And Looking Hot

That’s me, you understand. (tic) NOTE: New little somethin’ in my writing. When you see (tic) it means “tongue in cheek”. This denotes PURE DEE sarcasm. My precious, darling friend, Nicole, wanted to know about being married to a pastor and looking so hot after two kids in my 30’s. First off, let’s address me being hot. The child needs an eye exam because she is the only one who refers to me as “hot”. Except the Hubby the other day after I got my new hairdo. That was nice. It pays to be blonde. Secondly, being married to a pastor is wonderfully terrible. I didn’t marry a pastor. We both were called into full-time vocational ministry shortly after we moved to San Antonio in 1994. In my opinion, both husband and wife are called. Ask any pastor and he will tell you that his wife is JUST AS vital, if not more so, to his role than he is. (This is the same for a woman pastor and her husband.) Over the years a lot of “us” has been sacrificed. While a pastor may not do as much physical work as some other occupations, the mental and emotional strength and tenacity needed to pour into people is a daunting task. But we have found it’s worth it. Changed lives are worth it. God makes up for the rest and restores what needs to be restored. If you are married to a pastor or someone in another full-time vocational role, be the support that your spouse needs. (Oh heck, who am I kidding? This could apply to anyone who is married.) When unexpected meetings or counseling sessions or added work happens…because it will…don’t panic and don’t, for the love, put extra pressure on your spouse when he/she can’t do anything about it. On that note, if you feel that you and your family are being neglected because of the ministry, get on your knees and pray BEFORE you confront. It is not your job to convict your husband. It is the job of the Holy Spirit. And then, in love and only in love, share your heart and ask what he thinks. Tough stuff? I’ve learned a lot over 13 + years in ministry. But still have so many more miles to go.

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  1. If you think being married to a pastor is a challenge, try having one as a father! That is way more complicated, I think.

  2. You’re right, any job. The Mr. travels some and I often get whiney even when I know he doesn’t want to go. Nothing like a nice dose of unnecessary pressure on him right before he walks out the door…

    And come on, you’re hot.

  3. Amen! Both spouses need to be on board or it doesn’t work. You learn to “roll with the punches”. I often equate it to being married to a doctor with the crazy hours and being on call.
    But there are many rewards and I love hearing the stories and seeing my husbands face with the excitement of what he is doing.

  4. Hi Cindy!! Been “secretly stalking” you for a while:) Thanks for your post today… I’ve only been a pastor’s wife for a little over 4 months, and the encouraging words from the seasoned veterans are always so helpful as Brook and I learn together! We love you and Chris and really look up to you!! Miss you & hope to see you soon!

  5. AMEN! My hubby has been a pastor for 10 years, and he was not a pastor when we first married either. He was a teacher. How about going from teacher… off by 4pm each day and 3 months out of the year as well as Christmas and Easter… to… on call most of the time, late nights, and “do people really still have family holidays?”? Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY! Is it hard? You bet. Husband, wife, and family are all called into this ministry. Thank you for being so real. You help and inspire so many.

  6. Cindy you know I ONLY tell the truth!!! It can be a good thing and a bad thing=) But you are one HOT mom and wife.

    Thanks for teaching me so much over the years, you have shown me that it is ok for me to be involved as much and as little as God has called me to be. The prayer thing is a big one you keep teaching me when I think Tim might be working to much. It never works when I tell him. lol. It always works when the Lord tells him. Its funny now Tim will say “have you been praying about this or that”?

    I love you sister!!! Thanks for all you and Chris do for us. (and for hiring us) ha ha

  7. hmm….I think you’re ‘hot’ either way, but I do like your pic better as a brunette (NO this is not a come-on, a flirtatious remark, etc….just so you know 🙂 )

    You seem friendlier and more approachable as a brunette in my opinion..maybe it’s the smile.

    I dunno *shrug*

  8. Okay, so many people, including Yonas, have said that they thought I was a brunette. Well, my roots are, but I’ve been a blonde most of my life. Now, I didn’t start paying to be blonde until I was in my late teens 🙂

    The picture above is me with blonde hair but it’s so dark that I look like a brunette. Just an FYI…

  9. So what if I got Father is a Pastor and Husband is a Pastor? Does that mean I get an extra cumfy cloud to hang out on in heaven??

    No but really, to me its amazing to see the 2 men I admire most in this world changing lives and doing it together. It has it’s challenges for sure and it is not at all what I thought it would be. But all in all it’s pretty awesome and absolutely worth the sacrifice.

  10. there’s always so much wisdom in your words. and you are TOTALLY hott. (with two t’s)

    i forget you’re blonde sometimes because your banner picture totally makes you look like a brunette.

  11. My friend’s husband is a pastor at a Willow Creek satelite and they interviewed both of them for that very reason!

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