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To the menfolk who read my blog, I do sincerely apologize, but I need some assistance from the females.  However, if you are a man who cares about his appearance, please do feel free to share the wisdom, Scott Williams. I’m just sayin’. I’ve been blessed with many things.  Many things.  And one of those things is my complexion.  I owe it to my father because of his olive-toned skin but also to my mother.  She’s %&#*@^!$-ty years old and quite the looker.  Now, I am not boasting at all about this complexion of mine.  No ma’am.  In fact, I am still coping after my beloved 9-year old, you know, the one who chose to play with his brother, just asked me the other day when my baby was due.  My response of oh it’s not a baby, it just a front butt made him giggle quite a bit.  And then he brilliantly spent the next several minutes telling me how beautiful I was and how my blog was the best…blog…ever!  EVER, he said. Before I get to the point, I need to tell you that because I hardly leave the house of my complexion I rarely wear make-up.  If I’m going to leave the house to run errands and actually see people, cuz I live in the country, people, in the country, I will put on a little eye liner and mascara.  Because I aim to impress. In fact, the other day I was getting ready to go out to dinner with the hubby and he was all, “You’re wearing make up” with a scrunched up look on his face showing his disapproval.  I’m thinking, “Yeah, I’m two years away from 40 and if I’m going to spend any amount of time in public where more than five people are going to see me, you better believe the concealer is coming out, buddy.” Here’s where I need your help, friends, because I am aware that my peaches ‘n cream complexion won’t be peaches ‘n cream forever, you understand what I am sayin’, right?  So, help a sista out. What is your number one tip for great skin?  What do you do?   One thing.  Or two.  Do share.

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  1. Since you called a brotha’ out and since I will probably be the only brotha’ that comments on this post. I am going to double you up, with 4 Tips! 🙂

    1. You have to use Cetaphil (Facial) Skin Cleanser and Cetaphil (Facial) Moisturizing Lotion: (Dermatologist recommended, doen’t have all of that junk in them and are relatively inexpensive.)

    2. Go to a nice salon and spa and get a facial atleast once a year.

    3. My wife doesn’t wear make-up very often either and when she does she uses that all natural mineral stuff called “Bare Minerals.”

    4. You can’t forget those every-once-and-a-while Biore nose pore strip things.

  2. I’m with Scott on the Cetaphil–good, pure stuff.

    and a really thick, velvety soft night cream. I’m using some generic version of Olay–cuz I’m a cheapskate.

    You’re welcome. 🙂

  3. I’ll be the third to recommend Cetaphil. Love it. I have skin issues myself, so I’m not sure that I’m the best to lend advice…
    I’m still having a hard time believing what Noah said. Are you kidding, or is that for real?

  4. Kyndal – Oh he said it alright. He was joking and realized that it wasn’t the best joke to play when I ran off crying. Oh, I kid. I didn’t run off but the eyebrows raised definitely let him know that his “cute” comment wasn’t very cute to me.

  5. I’m an Arbonne girl. I don’t sell it ‘cuz selling stuff makes me feel all weird. But I do love it. I especially love their enzyme peel.

    As for facials, I would get a facial once a month if I could afford it.

    Shout out to Scott on the bare minerals. I love their foundation. But, I don’t like their eye make-up. I find it difficult to apply my MAC shade stick over it. And, I LOVE my MAC shade stick and wear it underneath all eye shadow.

  6. i would say water water water. i started drinking water when i qut smoking and i will tell you that my face has improved. -but no more smoking might have helped:-)
    i also believe when you do not wear make up it helps your face breathe and you are not swiping your face hard to pull the make up off at night and the masscra is not leaving a ring around your eye- just my thinking…

  7. I have to agree with Dusty on the Arbonne thing, especially their peel and mask. I don’t sell it either, but I’m signed up and could (this is how I get the 35% discount!). I’m hitting 44 a month from today, and I’m usually guessed in my early to mid-30s. I’m just sayin’…..

  8. I agree with the water stuff for sure. Also, I love bare minerals, but recently I have tried MAC mineral makeup…which is newer and it is so light and I really like it! They have a liquid and a powder foundation. I wear them together for a full coverage or separate for a light to medium coverage. And if anything…a little blush will give you that peaches n cream look. Cargo makeup at sephora and ulta has this blush…the color is called “rome”. It is really pretty on cause it is a coral/peachy color with a high light shimmer to it. it would give you that look even without foundation or concealer. And of course I too agree that you need to wash your face every night and MOISTURIZE!

  9. I use the Aloette Platinum collection faithfully, I drink a lot of water and I get exercise (walking a lot). Alas, while I can say for 49 I have few wrinkles, my complexion isn’t great because I used to sunbathe. Now, SPF ALL THE WAY! You’re gorgeous. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize and you’ll still be gorgeous in 20 years!

  10. Avoid anything that strips your skin, it can cause you to break out big time 🙂

    1. A good dermatologist (you think I’m kidding).
    2. Bare Minerals is a must. Great stuff and keeps your skin
    looking great.
    3. I use Skin Ceuticals. I use the foaming cleanser and the
    daily sunscreen everyday. It can be pricey but well
    worth it if you have super sensitive skin like me.

    It works for me, people still think I’m in college 🙂 It’s great!

  11. I’m not all into that stuff girl.

    I barely wear makeup. But you know what. One thing that my sister always tells me is wash your face complete with a soap like Dove and wear suncreen daily. Then once a month use a cucumber peel.

    I do that and my 42 year old face has no blemishes.

  12. I have extremely sensitive skin and am allergic to fragrance. So I always recommend to people (men or women) that they stay away from any skin product that contains fragrance. The only cleanser that I’ve found that doesn’t make me break out is the Aveda All Sensitive Daily Cleanser. LOVE IT. For minor breakouts, Murad has a spot treatment that is great.

  13. Wash your face morning and night with Oil of Olay soap. Then “feed” your face with the original Oil of Olay cream.

    I’ve tried this ‘n’ that over and above, but this works for me. I’m just a bit younger than your beautiful mom.

  14. I am the easy girl. Hate to admit it but I wash my face in the shower.

    I wear Avon’s version of Bare Minerals for a cover up and blush. I use a cheap eyeliner, Maybeline Eye Shadow and a Loreal Mascara.

    I don’t wear make-up everyday. I go to work without it. Gasp!! I do use a mosturizer in the mornings with SPF.

    You are beautiful!! Noah is funny. Sorry!!

  15. I’ve started using witch hazel on my face. It balances the ph in your skin, whether you have oily or dry skin. Also reduces pores and I’ve had very few breakouts since I started using it and the dry skin on my forehead is totally gone. It’s found in the pharmacy next to the rubbing alcohol and is only $2 a bottle.

  16. All I know is I pay a fortune for Arbonne and will be trying Cetaphil when I run out. And the witch hazel too.

    Other than that, it’s too late for me. I wear more and more makeup every year. Ugh!

  17. A tip and a quote which I will turn into a tip:

    Tip: Keep away from being in the sun for extended periods of time. I hear it’s good for you. But don’t avoid the sun–vitamin D is good stuff.

    Quote: Women, God gives you a face and you give yourself another. ~ Shakespeare
    Tip: Don’t put on too much. A little is fine, but too much and it’s no longer fun.


  18. Hey…skin treatments are not exclusive to women only…..

    I understand not all people have a GBD (a.k.a Golden Brown and Delicious) complexion like mine…so I try to help out with any tips I have depending on what your concerns are.

    If you have a thicker and not so sensitive skin…for very very faint blemishes you can use clean/clear facewash from Neutrogena.

    For overal skin tightening, moisturizing, cleanser…use grated cucumber, with papaya and avocado….apply as a face mask….clean it over steam from bucket of hot water on your lap (or for safety, put like a big pot on your coffee table and kneel with your head covered in towel)….you might look silly for about 15 minutes, but your skin will look Fa-Bu-Lous!! (just so you know I use the word fabulous very sparringly).

  19. My sister-n-law – okay she is actually married to my cousing but I call her sister, always asks “older” ladies with great complexions what they do. She says the most common response is original Oil of Ole (did I spell that correctly). Also, too much sun will ruin your skin. And drink lots of water.

  20. As I have said many times, never go to bed with your make up on. My mother never cleaned her face with soap-but they have much better ones now

  21. 1. At least 7 hours of restful sleep (benefits more than skin).
    2. Protection from overexposure to sun.
    3. Proper cleansing for your skin type.
    4. Balanced diet.
    5. Aloe Gold liquid added to your favorite juice. It has totally changed my skin tone and texture giving my 50+ year old skin a makeover naturally. Potency and purity guaranteed.

  22. I’m 47 and LOVE what Murad Environmental Shield products have done for my skin. I use the “Age Spot and Lightening Gel” (not exactly a catchy name) and the Essential-C Night Moisture every night. I used to have dark patches on my face but not now. I’m definitely not meant to be GBD! You can buy at Bath and Bodyworks. Kinda spendy but lasts forever. I also am a faithful Cetaphil fan.

  23. ohh, I’m guilty of going to bed with make up on… and… wearing yesterdays make up today… it’s true, and probably bad for me. But I’ve been blessed with clear skin and rarely have breakouts!

  24. I am a Mary Kay fan. I used to use Arbonne and it was too expensive for me. I switched to Mary Kay because it is cheaper and I love it!! The eyecream is awesome and they have peels and stuff too. They also have a mineral powder that is $12 bucks cheaper than Bare Minerals. Once sweet baby came along I needed to find less expensive products and I really love what I’ve got now.

  25. Sunscreen is the key to good skin. I believe it’s the best way to prevent future sun damage. The other tip is Renova which is similar to Retin-A but more moisturizing. Although it can cause redness and some peeling at first, it does help your skin. I often use no face makeup unless I’m getting dressed up. (Of course, I always use eye makeup)

  26. 1. drink plenty of water.
    2. wear sunscreen. always.
    3. for goodness sake, don’t pick at blemishes.

    if i had heard and followed that advice, my complexion probably woudln’t look like it does, and i wouldn’t be breaking out in my 30’s!

  27. I could repeat the sunscreen and water and washing off makeup tips, as I feel those are important.

    One other thing that will help “halt aging”…don’t rub your eyes. The skin around the eyes is super thin and sensitive and can stretch easily, so Rubbing=Wrinkles.

  28. I have to say drink TONS of water, smile (your face my freeze into a frown!)

    Use daily moisturizer with SPF and Aveda cosmetics as needed –

    I feel I look better with no makeup though, well, it makes me FEEL better 🙂
    (although Im sure a lot with disagree that I “look” better)

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