Bad Ending To A Good Vacation

Ever had one of those? Well, we certainly did.  We were driving home from our family camping trip in Texas on July 4th.  We were less than 80 miles from home and BAM!  A blowout on the tire of the camper we were pulling. Nice. It was in the middle of the afternoon and hotter than hot.  We were trying to keep three boys quiet and you know, in the car so they wouldn’t get killed.  Oh, and we were on the side of Interstate 35.  So, that combination will make a grown woman lose her religion. Or a grown man. (But that’s another blog post.) We eventually made it home and now, nearly three weeks later, laugh about the blowout. Your turn.  Got any bad vacation stories?

6 thoughts on “Bad Ending To A Good Vacation”

  1. Um Wow Cindy… You’re making my poor ‘ol brain work here. In my previous life, 1st marriage, there was always bad. I don’t have anything to compare it to. The only thing I can relate to is a day trip me and current husband made this past Saturday. I was left in immense physical pain at the end of the trip. Lesson learned. It won’t happen again. The end result was my legs and back felt as if I’d been run over. If you’d like to know more… just ask. I’ll share. I’m doing ok now… except my rib cage on the left side still hurts a little. OH, I just thought of one other incident. Mother’s Day 2008. I wrecked my Harley Davidson VRod motorcycle. I was the only one involved in accident. It was another day trip.

  2. Last year on way home from 4000 mild journey from Texas to Canada and all over east coast we entered Texas, found ourselves 250 miles from home and our 3 year old truck just died. We had to rent a car, transfer Noah, 9 month old Isabelle and all necessary supplies to rental. Jim left truck and trailer at local dealership. When it was “fixed” a week later he had to drive 500 miles roynstrip to reverse the process. UGH

  3. At the beginning of a trip to Disney in 2008 I fell asleep at the wheel at 3:00am in Ozark, Alabama and rolled our SUV three times landing upside down in the middle of a dark highway. Husband and three precious children were on board. Luggage, glass, peanut butter sandwiches, pillows and blankets were spread all over the highway. Despite having removed their seatbelts to lay down and sleep, my children were ok save a couple of small scratches. Hubby had a bump on his head, but nothing major. It DID make it very hard to skip merrily down the sidewalks of DisneyWorld knowing that we could have all been killed. The great thing is that we lived to tell about it. New policy: Never drive one minute past midnight. Ever. There’s not enough coffee in the world. I’m not 23 anymore.

  4. Last year we made a weekend trip to Austin, about 220 miles from home, to cycle in a charity cycling ride. We thought we were so fortunate to get a really good rate at a better than average hotel. We awoke to both of our cell phones ringing at 1:30 AM. It was a recorded message from LoJack telling us to check our vehicle. Our truck was stolen.

    We had fortunately brought our bicycles into our room but had left all our gear, digital camera, etc., locked inside the truck.

    We thought that since we had LoJack the truck would be recovered quickly, but found out it doesn’t work that way. Lo Jack has to activate the system and they are closed on Sundays.

    We couldn’t ride in the ride without our helmets and were really upset anyway so we called our insurance company to get a rental car because we pay for rental on our policy. The insurance company didn’t cover rentals on Sunday or one-way. After many telephone calls to car rental agencies, we finally found one that would let us rent one way at a higher than normal price.

    We finally made it home with a lot of lessons learned. Our truck was recovered the following week, stripped down, and with four other stolen trucks. Our insurance company did reimburse us for the rental charges after severals calls and a very stern letter.

  5. Girl! I could make a movie out of my Yellowstone vacation…
    4 flat tires on the 5th wheel
    Transmission blew up on the truck on the side of the mountain
    Hitch hiked (as a family) 250 miles to pick up a New Truck

    And that’s just the Readers Digest version of our trip…God provided all the way as He always Does…

    Hey…I am coming to your “Sister’s” thing that Amy G. is doing in a couple of weeks. WE MUST MEET!!!

  6. We were rerouted from our flight home from a Pueto Rico to DFT via Austin with our 17 month old….had to sit on a runway for 3 hours before flying home – could have been very ugly, and it seemed everyone knew it so everyone played with out little one….

    We had A/C go out in our Class A on our way home from VA one summer….

    And we ran out of gas the first time we pulled our trailer and the AAA guy put about 15 gallons of GAS into our DIESEL tank after being repeatedly told we had a diesel…. He taught my kids a few new words (barely lived to tell the story because their momma wanted to kill him) and then filled the rest of the tank with the RIGHT product and the truck was no worse for wear 🙂

    Things going wrong are some of the best stories…. Except for Ms. Lisa Clark above and if its MY Lisa Clark whom I LOVE, how have I never heard this story??? I thank GOD He took care of you!!

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