Bad, Bad Dream

So, I finished watching ABC’s Lost finale on Sunday night and then went to bed and dreamed the craziest dream ever.  I am certain this dream and the craziness of it was because of the TV show that I’d grown to love and, dare I say it, hate at the same time. The hubby and I would watch the show and really have to concentrate to understand.  Having the show end was both bitter and sweet. Mostly sweet. Especially since James (Sawyer) and Juliet got back together.  As did Jack and Kate.  And we can’t forget Chah-lee and Claire.  The rest of the gang joined in and Sayid, my favorite, was no longer “evil”. Whew. My dream was crazy but at least I wasn’t on an island trying to protect a light. No, we had apparently planned a trip to Canada for a 10-day stint.  That sounds nice, right? Wrong. We didn’t book a single hotel reservation ahead of time.  Not only that, but we just started driving and didn’t have a single clue as to what city we were going to go to.  In my dream I remember saying to my husband, “Hey, let’s to go Toronto tomorrow!” And we did. I woke up in a tizzy because y’all, I plan most things. Heck, I start packing for a trip nearly a week before it happens. What?  You don’t? Anyway, I’d love to hear about your obscure dreams so that I’ll know I’m not the only crazy out there. Make a sister feel better, mkay?

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  1. LOL…. well, I can’t think of a crazy dream right now, (but know I’ve had quite a few) but I’ll make you feel better to tell you next time you end up in Canada with your hubby in the drivers seat tell him to go to Ottawa! I’ll look after ya here!

  2. OH YEAH, and I forgot…. my hubby and I were completely bitter sweet on Lost as well having watched it from the 1st episode and never missing. Thank d’Lord for internet TV!

  3. O.K., first, have you heard about the “Serendipity Challenge” offered at this blog here: http://www.technomadia.com/2010/03/take-the-serendipity-challenge/. Considering our personalities, I think we both need to take it. I know, how about together?! It’s the only way I think I might survive it. 🙂

    Second, I have two recurring dreams that torment me all the time and have for years (I know you’ll understand b/c of our dang wiring). One is that I am in high school and forget to sign up for my sports season for the next year (O.K., so it was cheerleading, don’t judge…) and I can’t participate because I forgot to go to tryouts. The other is that I’m in college and cannot remember my schedule to save my life and I am constantly looking for my locker to find my schedule but since there are no lockers in college, I can’t find it. When it gets to finals week, I suddenly find it and realize that I have to go take finals for classes that I’ve been forgetting to go to all semester. So, there you go, a window into why I likely have years of therapy in my future.

  4. I rarely dream, and when I do, I have trouble remembering most of it. However, a few weeks ago I had a very vivid, crazy dream and I woke up remembering all of it.

    The earth was invaded by aliens (I never saw them but knew of their presence) and my two sons were in the military resistance fighting them. My youngest son saw his older brother killed in battle and came to tell me about it. When he is telling me, we are taking shelter in our home from the aliens, and I hear my oldest son, Sam, calling for me from outside. I am questioning my younger son because I hear his brother calling for me. My husband tells me that it is the aliens impersonating Sam’s voice to draw me out and not to fall for it. I awaken in a state of confusion and frustration and anxiety.

    There were alot more details but that is the basic version.

    You think this mom is struggling with her youngest leaving the nest soon?

    I love my boys soooooo much!

  5. I dream crazy dreams all the time, my friend. Once I dreamed that I was in the Matrix (I obviously am influenced by TV and movies in dreams as well) but instead of transporting from crazy cyborg world to reality via phone, I had to climb into my dryer. It was a tight fit, but with that creepy Mr Smith chasing I had to cram. When I woke up I remember I had left damp clothes in the dryer. Hummmm.

    I will stay quiet about my thoughts on the Lost finale. But I too loved Sayid … my favorite!

  6. I’m in Sacramento training this week and I am alone. A lot Homesick. I finally got to the room and read this and just about laughed my wine out my nose. LOL

    Thank you my friend!

    As far as dreams go I had one recently were Craig told me we were flying to Mexico. I woke up in the morning and told him….Do Not Ask Me To Go To Mexico….It’s Hawaii of NOTHING! He just laughed and said “You must have had a dream.” He is use to my weirdness.

  7. I often have crazy dreams and just like Nikki B I dream about lockers I can’t find and finals that I have to take when I haven’t even gone to class all semester. I’m always SO relieved to wake up!

    II was reeling after the LOST finale (still so many unanswered questions). So I decided to cleanse my mind be staying up and watching something a little more mindless…the Celebrity Apprentice finale! I could rest easy knowing that Brett Michaels was alive, well, and the winner!

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