Back To The Basics

We’d resigned ourselves to the fact that our oldest son wasn’t interested in sports.  “I’m just not a sport kind of guy” he told us many months ago expecting to disappoint his father and me. He did not. Because although the hubby and I do not miss a single edition of College Game Day, our life does not revolve around sports. It revolves around Jesus.  Or at least we strive for that. Imagine our surprise a couple of weeks ago when he tells us, “I think I want to play basketball.” Do wha? We discussed it with him and have decided that enrolling him in a summer basketball league would be a good experience for him.  We think that being on the court and even dealing with the physicality of the game will help him decide if this is where he wants to focus his energy. I spent several years playing basketball to where I know the game well enough to teach him the basics.  But, he wants to learn how to do the fancy moves such as rolling a ball down your arm or passing the ball through your leg or even doing a turn-around jumpshot. “You’ve got to stick with the basics, son” I tell him.  “Shoot and dribble.  That’s it.  When you learn that, then you move on.” He listens and nods his head.  He understands that he is going to have to practice to acquire ball handling skills but at this point, he has not proven that he is willing to go through the dribbling and shooting to get to the rolling the ball down your arm tricks. And then I realize, I am kind of the same way.  I get so focused on too many things in life that I forget the basics. Love God.  Love people. That’s my focus again. Care to join me?

10 thoughts on “Back To The Basics”

  1. Love God.. Love people …. I’m in!!

    This is so true Cindy, WE (including myself a hundred times) look for the complicated and elaborate in life

    If only we would only go back to basics would we find peace and structure and Him.

  2. This is so… centering.

    Thanks for reminding me. I think we can get too complicated sometimes. We get all caught up in the details that we forget the main thing.

  3. I live in Denton but work in Dallas which gives me the joy of driving in Dallas traffic. Twice a day. There is one point where one highway merges with another and the right lane is lost. Inevitably there are those cars that see a nearly empty lane and either don’t understand or don’t care why it is that way, they just go. My grumbling left-lane-with-the-right-of-way-driving self always wants to get as close to the car in front of me as I possibly can and make that car wait a good ten car lengths and learn their lesson, but then I think of an entry you posted a while back that said to love even those people.

    Love God. Love people. Easier said than done, but well worth it.

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