Back In The Saddle

They are headed back to school this morning. img_04451 img_0444 Normally, come early August, I am ready for the school year to begin.  For the teachers to spend time teaching my children so that I can recuperate from being with them all day long for the last seventy-nine days. But who’s counting? However, this morning was different.  I was sad to see them go and am already hoping the day will go by fast so that I can see their faces again and ask them how their teacher was and who is in their class and how they liked the lunch I packed and if they think they’ll enjoy music and P.E. and Spanish this year. There’s been quite a transformation taking over this mother’s heart these days.  And how can it not?  Look at them.  Not only are they stunningly adorable, but their hearts, they are equally wonderful.  If only you could know them.  Then you’d see.  Then you’d understand. But, you probably have your own little blessings around you.  So you know.  And you understand.

6 thoughts on “Back In The Saddle”

  1. I’m sad to see my not-so-little guys go too today. Kid One starts middle school!!! And seriously, how are they going to skip with glee all the way to the bus stop with all this rain!!!???

  2. I’m so thankful to have one more week with mine before school begins! We have had the best summer. Since I have always homeschooled…summer just meant hot days and less of a routine. Now summer means being together and doing things all day long that we can’t do during the school year. I appreciate summer like never before. I love being with my kids and feel sad to see them off to high school. Yet, I am sure that this is where they belong and I cherish the fact that I still have my younger two at home for a brief time before the public school adventure starts for them. Appreciation is the new word for us!

  3. At times I longed for the day that I would not have to get anyone up and ready or out the door every morning for school. Last week when driving to work I drove through our school zone with the flasing yellow lights and tears started streaming down my face. You see last year my baby boy graduated and the day that I THOUGHT I longed for had come…..

    So I understand if you are waiting by the door for the time to go pick them up and hear every detail of their day. Enjoy it because the time will come to quickly that you won’t have a 1st day of school to hear about.

  4. My little guy just (well, a few months ago) started preschool. I tried to tell myself it was harder on me since he’s having a cross-cultural school experience. I tried to tell myself that the hours full of separation would be simplified if we were stateside and everything was “normal”. But, I know I’m totally wrong. A mother’s heart is a mother’s heart- no matter where in the world her family is!!!

  5. Those milestones and rites of passage just seem to overwhelm me lately….I’m a sympathetic cryer. Excuse me while I get a tissue. I blogged about this yesterday, too…
    It’s kind of like nursing…you love it, you can’t wait to be done so your body is your own again. And then one day, you realize’s done. It’s over. And the last time you didn’t realize it was going to be the last time.

  6. Hope started High School yesterday! I couldn’t wait until she got home. I wanted to hear all about it. I am blessed to be able to be home when she gets home. 🙂 She is amazing. She is beautiful. She is kind. God Blessed Me!! I can’t believe He gave her to me.

    Ryan is a man. Just ask him. He towers over me when I am not wearing heels. I smile at how our closeness has expanded this last year. Don’t tell anyone but every once in awhile he still calls me Mommy. 16 and still calls me Mommy. So again I must say “God Blessed Me!! I can’t believe He gave him to me.”

    Love your boys their hearts are precious! The spark in their eyes is fun!

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