Attention Single Moms


My friend, Kim, the one who forked me in broad daylight with Natalie, is quite a gal. She’s witty, funny, kind and downright cute. I have gotten to know her better over the past several months and am the better for it. Kim has a tender heart for single moms because she was once forced into that role without any choice. And today, she has a blog that focuses on those single women for whom she has deep admiration. You may not be a single mom but you know some single moms. I know single moms. So, let them know about this resource. Her blog will bless you…encourage you…uplift you….and motivate you to live a life of victory. Now get on over there and check it out before I go and get my switch. Gah-own now.

7 thoughts on “Attention Single Moms”

  1. That switch comment brought back some painful memories. Callie Mae, my grandma, could pick the best switches, and she wasn’t afraid to use them.

  2. Thanks Cindy! Today’s post at PL is by Natalie from Stiletto Army so I know all readers will be blessed.

    What is it with grandmas and switches? One of my grannies was mean too.

  3. I volunteer at a wonderful organization for single moms called bethel foundation. It was started by a woman who was single mom, she has a great heart for single moms. The webs site is bethelfoundationuse.com- check it out – they desire to be a blessing!!

  4. Grandma Eva Maud would make us go choose our own switch! We weren’t sure whether to get a skinny one that stung or a fatter one. But she was a really great grandma, and I only remember it happening a couple of times! 🙂

    Oh, and Kim? She’s the BEST! Cute, cute, funny, funny, smart, CUTE!

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