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I’ve got a friend named Chelsey. Yes. Yes, I have at least one friend. Anywho…she has a blog and does a mighty fine job on it if I do say so myself. Each Monday there will be a godly gal who will share her insight with you about issues that we women face, and from time to time, I will chime in as well. And in all of her cleverness, she named it At The Well. She sure did. Because we women, we gather at the well. And we visit and laugh and comfort and help and cry. Together. It’s what we do. It’s in our DNA. So, what does being a Titus 2 woman mean to you? Or does it mean anything to you? Take a looksie at the passage below and then let me hear your thoughts.
Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good. Then they can train the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God. Titus 2:3-5
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20 thoughts on “At The Well”

  1. Cindy,
    YOU are an incredible blessing. Thank you for allowing God to use you through this! Don’t forget to go over to my site and put your name on Mr. Linky!!!

  2. Dear Cindy, I love what you say as your mission in the ‘Me section’ of your blog ….to help make Jesus more than just part of their life but to HELP MAKE HIM THEIR LIFE.I love that,and this holds for me what a Titus 2 women is.

  3. FABULOUS ministry, btw!

    Oh…and to all the contributors to A.T.W. – If blessings crown the head of the righteous (proverbs 10:6a)…I do pray you’re all ‘top heavy’!

  4. Pardon me, my thoughts may be a bit pessimistic and based on relationships I’ve seen (my own parents’ excluded):

    It is awesome to find a woman who love her children, etc. But based on what I’ve seen, such person who love her husband, kind, pure, self-controled (without becoming a bible thumper) are nearly extinct. Add to that “busy at home”, “Subject to their husbands”…I’d say it is impossible to find such person in today’s (American) culture. Look at all the wedding vows, divorce rate, and all the online ads or article of what women want. You’d find more “He has to be tall, dark, handsome, and treat me like a queen” more than “I’m looking for that special someone who I’d love to care and cherish for the rest of my life” G-d forbid you even mention the word ‘submit’ or ‘obey’. Those two words probably make most ‘modern’ women lose their lunch…or at the very least roll their eyes and say ‘phuuleeeze’.

    This is not to say I’m looking for somebody who wait for me hand and foot (at least let me find a good shelter before y’all start throwing rocks at me).

    Hope this doesn’t sound like a blasphemy, but that bible verse is outdated. Either that or the new American culture needs a total overhaul.

  5. I love this passage…it’s prescriptive and I need the “how to” of it.

    Older women:
    ~exhibit behavior fitting for those who are holy
    ~do not slander
    ~do not be slaves to excessive drinking
    ~teach what is good

    In this way they will train

    Younger women:
    ~love your husbands
    ~love your children
    ~be self-controlled
    ~be pure
    ~fulfill your duties at home
    ~be kind
    ~be subject to your own husbands

    ~so that the message of God may not be discredited.

    I LOVE it…I suppose the trick in understanding it is to determine if you are young or old.

    Either way, it’s a high call…or I’m just tired. 😉

  6. Hey are RIGHT….it’s in our DNA..they took away the wells, and here we are…we found one anyway!!:) Don’t you love it!!

    This is going to be meet up at the well!!

  7. I understand YS’s concern that women today aren’t living out what the Bible intended for us. But the Bible, any part of it including this verse, is not outdated. And yes, America and the entire world needs a complete overhaul. We have to get back to the Bible, not worldly magazines that tell us what the world thinks we want. I’d rather have God tell me what He expects and try living up to that…it’s hard, but worth it.

  8. I know when I talk to women who are in a phase further than mine I usually feel so encouraged. I feel they can give me so much wisdom on finances, raising children, etc. I recently started walking with a lady who is older than me and she has been such a gift. I totally perceived her one way–I thought she was rich, had the perfect family, etc. After getting to know her and her being so open and honest with me, I feel like she gave me such a gift of wisdom. She is very open about how they struggled a bit financially when her kids were young and I can see that she’s not perfect and that’s ok. It’s given me permission to relax a little and to see that things will work out ok and to not give up.

    I have met with other older woman who just seem into themselves. Have that attitude of I’ve raised my family and now it’s all about me.

  9. I am so glad we have guide lines for living from Titus and other places in the Bible. But even more, I am glad that God has found a way to give us grace through Jesus. Oh yea, I have trouble with the 10 commandments on a daily basis. I really wont to try to please God and produce good works in my life. So I must lean on faith and do what I can.
    Forgiveness, Titus measns Forgiveness to me. God forgive me for I am usually more intrested in other things than my duties at home.
    Please pass the wine. Thank you.

  10. i love the idea of women meeting at the well.

    we laugh so hard until we cry…we love so deep – we cry…we hurt for others so intensely – we cry…i see the well as a holding place of tears. tears of all kinds..but tears shed out of hearts of passion for God and others.

    looking forward to this!

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