28 thoughts on “Ask And Ye Shall Receive”

  1. Well it is almost 4 am. Man do I miss you! You sound the same though but man you look skinnier!

    Those Helicopter Kisses are something special. They even sound like a Helicopter!!

    Great Singing Seth!!!!

    Merry Christmas Holiday Christmas Lights Ornament Wreath To You All at the Bealls!!!

  2. Oh man, that video makes me miss you so bad it hurts. Literally, it hurts. Tell Noah and Seth that little Kaiser can’t wait to meet them in March! And now I’m crying… 🙂

  3. Alece is going to be WOWED off her socks when she gets up.

    Seth is a beautiful boy, I wish my younger one would give me the Helicopter kisses.

    But hey,I get the squeezed cheeks and smelly breath and the the magical words

    “momma love you to the heavens, galaxy, what’s for dinner?”

    i love mommahood

  4. That was just the cutest ever. Thanks for filling us in on the very important helicopter kiss. I will now be passing it on to my kids. 🙂

    And……..Merry Christmas holiday Christmas lights ornament wreath to you and yours!

  5. this is making me smile bigger than i have all day. thank you, dear friend.

    and tell seth i say “merry christmas holiday christmas lights ornament wreath!”


    I’m gonna have to teach the boys that helicopter kiss! 😆

    “the bible tales me soooo” LOVED that part! heehee

    your facial expressions were KILLIN me during his serenade! 😆

    Merry Christmas happy holidays ornament wreath! I think I missed a part? 😉

  7. Oh, heavens. I’m in love with that boy. I know you have a list of young pre-schoolers lining up to marry him, but I’m feeling pretty confident that God will honor my prayers and my Anna will marry him.

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