Arranged Marriages, Anyone?

You think I kid, don’t you? Not so much. There are some adorable men in my life. I am mother to two of them and stepmother to one. So, when I think about them giving their hearts away to some girls later in life, I almost implode. They are my babies, for cryin’ out loud. So. I’d like to take the time to see if anyone out there is interested in “arranging” a little somethin’ for their daughters. Here is what you could expect from my little men: Noah, born in 1999: Adorable face, tender heart, smooth skin; isn’t afraid to tell you how he feels; loves Jesus and really doesn’t understand why everyone doesn’t believe in God; never wants to hurt a flea. Well, maybe a flea. Or snake. Or squirrel, but that’s really it. Jack, born in 2002: Hilarious; gorgeous blue eyes; runs like the wind; enjoys playing soccer and plans to buy his dad a pick-up truck when he becomes a professional soccer player; very obedient; has a southern accent that will keep you in stitches for days on end. Seth, born in 2004: Stunning child; looks like his momma 🙂 great sense of humor; very helpful and hard-working; will “work the land”; loves to pray and worship and sing his heart out; enjoys cuddling and kissing. If interested, please list your daughter’s resume below in the comments. Serious contenders only, please 🙂 I’m just sayin’.

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  1. You’re too much! I know what you mean about these little ones giving their hearts away. I just read an article about this American arranged marriage – they guy wanted to get married, so he and his family and friends started an ad campagin, website etc. They interviewed lots of women…now ten years later they are in love with three kids! Go figure.

  2. Let’s see…I have 2. I bet Erin would be happy to supply a third. 😀

    Meghan (who you know and love) would be perfect for Noah, or Jack (who’s only a year younger than her).

    And you know that Trevor has been saying for years that Seth and Kaitlin would be perfect for one another…heck, they’ve already been in one wedding together…why not make it another one…many many many years from now. lol.

    Troy’s already said that they’re not getting married until they’re 30…but he may change that if he knows they’re ‘hooking up’ with your boys. 😀

  3. I’m liking your way of thinking. Here ya go.
    Anna Marie, born in 2004: Her dad is half-Swedish, half-Norgwegian, so her skin, too, is flawless. She loves Jesus and is quite artistic. Her mom doesn’t let her play with Bratz dolls 🙂 The closer: her dad will fly you and Chris whenever needed.

  4. oooh, oooh… I’ve already arranged to take “Monkey” for Noah (I’ve just informed Nat this morning). I only have one sweet baby girl – Sammy Jo and she is awesome (no, really!). She’s gonna be 2 in August.

    Stuborn (ok – we’ll work on that for ya!)
    Full of Life
    Loves to cuddle and kiss boo-boos for ya.
    Loves to run and play and keeps up with all her brothers!!

    We’ve already started praying for God to prepare the heart of her future man… maybe he’s one of yours????

  5. I already have someone picked out for Reese, but my tender hearted Reia on the other hand….

    I plan on traveling and hanging out with my kids in-laws. You up for that? =)

  6. Cindy, I’m surprised at you! We both know that Seth and I already have plans for our future. I would appreciate it if you would be honest and let people know that he is already spoken for. 🙂

  7. Love this post, Cindy! I have 3 girls that could easliy be hooked up with your three boys…Madison born in 1998, Ashlyn born in 2001, and Hailey born in 2001! PERFECT! Andy feels the same way as dating or marriage until they are 30. But gosh, your boys would be the exception! hee hee!

  8. one of the perks of living on an international campus is my exposure to other cultures. i have an older korean friend who once told me all about arranged marriages.
    her marriage wasn’t arranged, but she knows some who are. they were able to “meet” each other within a group setting a few times, then got married.

    once i got past the SCARY wedding night concerns, i realized that parents with their heads on straight could probably make better decisions for their kids than the kids’ hormones would do.
    (is that a run-on sentence? i dunno).

    anyway. she had me sold on the idea, with the right motivations and circumstances i think its ain’t so bad an idea. really.

    but i still can’t get over the wedding night ramifications!!! how SCARY for the new bride. seriously. i ain’t lyin.

  9. Speaking as one who has the most incredible son and daughter in-law on the planet, I can tell you that the key is it is never too early to pray for your kids future spouse. We started while they were in the womb. I did not personally “arrange” either of our kids marriage but we saw the incredible faithfulness of God as he brought Andy and Robbie into our lives. The Lord told me to stay out of it right after he intorduced them to me first and later to Emily and Caleb. That was really wierd because I knew the minute I met them they were the ones but I had to watch in silence (praying my guts out that my kids would not screw it up) as the Lord began to knit thier hearts together. Emily and Caleb both recieved God’s special gift for thier life partner. I shudder to think what they might have ended up with if I had tried to get involved or they did not trust God to bring the right person into thier lives and went searching on thier own. They both tried to and what a disaster it would have been if they ended up with thier first choice but even then God was faithful to redirect their path. (my apologies to those 2 unnamed individuals)

    So to all of you on the “not yet” side of the empty nest, I encourage you to “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and don’t try to do what you think is best. Always remember that He knows best and He will direct your paths.”

    Can I get a witness? Glory!

  10. I’m actually waiting on an arranged marriage. God’s picking him out. I have no prerequisites other than he loves God more than I do (of course God wouldn’t pick him out for me if he didn’t). 🙂

  11. Ok, I’m probably the only person on here NOT for arranged marriages! Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for praying for my little one’s future spouse and I believe God can bring Grady the love of his life. But I really believe that Grady needs to be the one to realize when God is working in his life and make the decision to follow Him. I guess he could see that if I made the decision for him but I don’t think it would have the same impact. And if he makes a bad decision? Well, God will bring him through that as well. And his momma will be right there no matter what. 🙂

    On another note… my aunt and uncle had their kids convinced that they would have arranged marriages. My cousins were totally on board. Years later two of them are married and didn’t invite mom or dad to the ceremonies. My aunt and uncle have since changed their minds. Just a thought!

  12. Toby informed me a few weeks ago that “Chah-wie” is his wife. So apparently, both of my boys are spoken for. But, on the off chance he realizes this arrangement is odd and unnatural, can I have the resumes you dont use? It would help me in my planning out of my boys lives. I am thinking… a beautiful summer wedding when they have a break in medical school?

  13. Okay, so I’m not really serious about this. Not completely, that is. Once the girls go through a thorough screening process complete with intellectual profiles, the boys are free to choose.

    It’s pretty simple, you see.

  14. I’m not sure if I’m up for arranged marriages…but I’m not opposed to ‘matchmaking’….it gives people like me a chance to get married. lol.

  15. I’ll take your youngest two:

    Hope – 2002 – long auburn hair and best sense of humor. smarter than any kid I know, big brown eyes and a love for horses. tender heart. easy to laugh.

    Naomi – 2006 – blonde and blue. full of joy and giggles. also smart and talkative. loves her daddy and can sing “My God is so Big”. gives hugs like they are going out of style.

    Should the weddings be here or there? You call me.

  16. AW shucks…my girls are TOO old…well one is 1997…red hair to beat the band…not sure how you feel about OLDER women…DARN, no girls for my 2000 BOY! If you hear of any, send them my way…..:) He’s a keeper!


  17. I have the boys and I know I feel the same way.. we could start a running list and provide this with play dates! (Just a thought)

  18. ok, Cindy…….I think we’ve got some perfect arranging here. Emma (for Noah), born in December,2000 loves Jesus, just tested into Enrichment, is a total girly girl, has big beautiful hair, SO kind and generous!
    Kara born in December,2003 (for Seth) Her favorite thing to do is sing and dance for Jesus, has beautiful wavy hair and big blue eyes, smart as a whip and SO friendly!!! Although I don’t have anyone for Jack, here’s the deal closer…….a best friend for all the boys, JP. 🙂
    luv ya!

  19. Well, you know I have my three amazing boys and my full of life little lady. She was born in 2004 aswell. When she is sweet she is all sweet but she is very adventerous. She will keep any young man on his toes, she lives big. I just love that Seth but they all sound like they will grow up to be good men and this would take away the need of big guns when it came time to date.
    I agree with you on our boys coming homes with the lady in their life. Its not something i’m looking forward to. I pray so often for God to bless them with spouses who have a passion for Christ.

  20. Ooooh, I am going to have a HARD time, too, when it comes to marriage for my boys! I am pregnant and due in January…if it’s a girl, I would love to match her up with your gorgeous boys. However, how do you think they (you) would feel with a younger woman!? 🙂

  21. OOOO I am so in…I have already arranged two of the four children…so the oldest is in the running right now…she is a 1998 birthdate (so it will have to be an older woman situation???) it was New Years Eve so not that much older. She is adorable! Already thinks she knows everything so there are no worries about living, she’s got it figured out 😉 I’m in!!!

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