Are You Teachable?

I’ve been challenging the girls I mentor with this character trait this month. It’s not a whole lot of fun to talk about how well you deal with correction or criticism. Because most of us aren’t too good at it. A long time ago I heard a pastor say, “When someone corrects you, don’t let your defensive nature take over. Instead ask this question: Is there any truth to this? While it is extremely uncomfortable to do this, I have tried to incorporate this into my own life. It’s a whole lot more natural to let my defenses rise instead of doing some soul searching. Many times when I ask this, there is some truth to what someone has said and some underlying issue that needs some attention. A handful of times there wasn’t truth in the statement/accusation…only a critical person not being led by the Spirit. So, I dismissed it. What about you? Do you feel you’re teachable? What would happen if we all asked that question as our first response?

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  1. At times I’m teachable. At times I’m a “old dog”.
    When I’m listening more than talking is when I learn the most.
    Thanks for the thoughts today Cindy!

  2. I am definitely moldable ( I don’t ever want to be like dry and crumbly play dough) and I want to keep producing fruit. However let me put this spin on it!

    I have also been a doormat and have allowed “Christian” people walk all over me at times and speak a whole lot of junk into my past life. So I need to ALWAYS seek God’s life direction and let the Holy Spirit have ultimate authority of conviction and life change.

  3. To be honest, I haven’t always been teachable but my eyes have been opened. I just wrote a post on this lastnight (for Friday). Who better to learn from than Jesus who only did and said what He saw the Father doing and saying.

  4. I agree! Taking criticism personally is a sign of insecurity… It is only the truely secure in heart who can take a step back and ask that question… “is there any truth in this?”

  5. I would have answered this question different several years ago when I thought I knew it all. Now, I see so many areas where I can learn from others. I almost went too far the other way thinking that I didn’t know anything. Now, I seem to have some balance (but waivering at times) and see that I have a LOT to learn but also some things I can teach. I desire to be teachable for the rest of the my life!!(with God’s help of course:)

  6. I am learning to be teachable. In the past i was a rock, did not budge and did not hear those around me when I was told something i did not want to hear. But because I have fallen hard on my bahukey and flat on my face I am learning to listen to those who know more about life than I may and can warm my of those little rocks that cause one to stumble and give insights as to how to come out looking and being closer to God.

  7. I like to think I am teachable, and most of the time I at least hear people out and think about what they’ve said. But if I don’t trust the person or I don’t think they know what they are talking about, I shut out that advice…i.e. who wants to take money advice from someone’s who’s broke?!

    I’ve learned to seek mentors in areas where I struggle and GO TO THEM for advice BEFORE a situation gets out of hand, rather than have lots of damage control to do after the fact. I think my personality lends itself to learning better BEFORE an event than after. The “after” is just too easy to take personally/internalize/overanalyze.

  8. Wow! This one is a hard one for me. I like to think that I am teachable but my defensive side tends to always come out. The thing that I seem to fall back on is that I’m a pleaser and perfectionist. It’s not that I’m upset with the person offering the criticism so much as my realization that I may have let someone down or worse yet done something wrong…. GASP!!!! God continues to show me that my weaknesses and constant breaking will be PERFECTED in His time and that’s the only perfection that I should seek.

    Thank you Cindy for a great way to share. I hope to be blogging soon.

  9. ok… I’m ready to be taught!
    I have thought all day…I’m not sure!
    I know you asked me, but until now I haven’t been ready to really show up when we meet, so please continue to ask me the tough questions…I want to be teachable & taught!

  10. I get the difference between correction and accusation here. Don’t y’all have a discernment thingy that works for ya in these cases? I love saying “thingy”. It’s such a pithy word. (grin)

  11. for me it always mattered who it was that was trying to teach me something. from certain people i took it really well and other people i didn’t take it well at all. as i have gotten older i have gotten to a point where i am always eager to hear from people in my life who are willing to help me better myself in any way. working for Lifechurch has definitely showed me that there is always someone who can teach me something and i had better be willing to learn it.

  12. I can usually find some truth if not a lot of truth in correction. I in fact I can embrace it most times…this has to be God because I used to be incredibly strong-willed and prideful.

  13. I would like to get better at learning from others. At a conference I recently attended one of the speakers mentioned how she strives to love people where they’re at and not say that she’ll accept them if they changed this or that. That stuck with me. I think if my love for others increased, I’d be more able to learn from them.

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