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Are You “Just Too Busy”?

I recently read this book by Joanne Kraft: Too Busy 1 The Kraft family found themselves busier than they ever intended to be. Raising four children, they were involved in more extracurricular activities than necessary! So, they got crazy and took a break. A 12-month break. Like a serious break with absolutely no outside activities. No soccer. No baseball. No voice lessons. Nothing. For twelve months…did I mention that already? Not only that but they got crazy about media which includes cell phones, TV, iPods, video games, you name it. In fact, their family decided to become a TV free family a few years ago because their 14-year old son (at the time) said that it was nicer and more calm around the house without the TV on. For real? For real. I am so thankful that Joanne led the way and showed us what a Radical Sabbatical really looks like. You may think your children will hate it, but the Krafts found that theirs didn’t. It wasn’t easy every step of the way, but when you begin to act as a family the way God intended it, you’ll be surprised how content and full of joy your children are. Here’s a picture of Joanne. Ain’t she cute, y’all? Joanne Joanne loves to encourage women. A sought-after speaker, Kraft has been published in Today’s Christian WomanIn TouchParentLife,  Kyria, and P31 Woman Magazine. She serves as Marriage Study leader, leader of Inspire Christian Writers, and a 911 Dispatcher in Sacramento County, California. She is married and has four children. I recommend this book to any and every family. Not only is the message timely and very needed in our families today, but Joanne is a terrific writer! Click here to purchase it today! Enjoy! P.S. This would be a great book to use as a study for a small group of women. Joanne offers a free Leader’s Guide on her website. Just click here to get it!

2 thoughts on “Are You “Just Too Busy”?”

  1. I could use a radical sabbatical right about now. Good thing I’m headed into the mountains with my man. Destination: house with no internet or tv. And probably no 3G coverage either. yes. Praise the Lord.

  2. Love this idea! However hard to implement and stick with it would be, I think it would probably be so healthy for so many of us.

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