Are You & Dad Ever Gonna Get Divorced?

Hearing your child ask you that question makes you sad. Divorce is all around us.  Many of you reading this post have experienced it and wish you hadn’t. Chris and I have a unique situation in both of our families.  Neither of us are familiar with divorce.  And here’s why:
Chris’ parents just celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary. My parents would have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary had my dad not passed away in 1990. All five of Chris’ siblings are married – no divorces. My two brothers are married – a divorce in 1991 after a short marriage by one of them. All but three of our dozens of aunts, uncles and cousins have never divorced.
Friends, we have quite a legacy to live up to and we plan to do it.  Our hope is that by making sure the God who redeemed our marriage from the pit is the one who is leading it from here on out.  It won’t be easy.  There will be tears.  Risk is ever present.  But we will fight for it.  To the death. We have three little boys depending on it.

13 thoughts on “Are You & Dad Ever Gonna Get Divorced?”

  1. Strength. Strength in Christ. Strength in the trust you have for each other and for the One who gives you the ability to love and trust each other. God is that big! That is my prayer for all of us!

    with a big dose of laughter and fun! enjoy each other!

  2. My kids have asked the same question… and with good reason. It’s always a constant reminder there are no “accidental good marriages.”

    Your boys will treasure the long line of “til death do us part” someday!

  3. Every time I hear you say (or write!), “…three little boys,” I’m repeatedly amazed by the grace, strength, and power Christ has in your life. I was sharing your story with my husband, and his eyes got big when I relayed how you have such an awesome relationship with your step son and even his mother.

    This is big. I have a good feeling God is pleased.

  4. One last thing on divorce:

    My friend was enrolling her 4 yr old into Pre-K, and the documents they asked her to bring in were birth cert., shot record, DIVORCE PAPERS, etc.! Can you believe that? They just asked for that upfront because it’s the norm.

    So sad.

  5. Kris and I just tell each other “Hey, if you call it quits, then you’re taking the children.” It keeps us committed.

    Kidding, kidding. Well, it does help.

  6. Dusty- LOL!!!!!

    As the daughter of divorced parents, married to the son of divorced parents, with divorces all over our entire extended family, I can tell you that divorce has longer lasting consequences than most people see in the middle of it.

    At least the hubs and I learned a lot from our families. We don’t want our kids dragging their holiday cheer all over the metroplex just to see every parent for Christmas. What. A. Beating.

    Love ya Cindy Beall!!!

  7. My wife and I agreed before marriage that that was not an option. We might kill each other but we would not even think about d-i-v-o-r-c-e.

  8. I just had this talk with my 6 year old. So sad how times have changed. When I was 6 divorce was not even a thought in my mind.

    Praying for marriages that people would see the value in it!

  9. My Chris and I are in the midst of some very serious ups and downs. If we gauge where we are today compared to a year ago – we ARE better – but I believe we are still in the deep pit where the enemy would like us to stay. I heard in two different places that 1 of 2 couples will end in divorce – across the board – both Christian and non-Christian. However, for couples who pray together – that statistic drastically changes to 1 of 1500 couples. I will say that for us. Although we are in a very difficult place – we do pray together – every night.

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