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Are You A Fool?

Today is April 1st. The 1st day of the 4th month of the year. It’s April Fool’s Day. The day of the year when people tell jokes or play pranks and then say, “APRIL FOOL’S DAY!” I don’t typically like this day.  In fact, I actually abhor it.  My boys think it’s hilarious, HILARIOUS, to play a joke on me and then follow it up with “APRIL FOOL’S!” I walk on eggshells all day long because I am just waiting for someone to come and tell me something awful or detrimental that will make my heart skip a beat and then try to bring relief to me by saying that demonic phrase afterwards. Whatever. So, what’s the worst April Fool’s joke that someone has pulled on you?

3 thoughts on “Are You A Fool?”

  1. I tried to freak my then boyfriend of only a few months out by saying “Lets get married.” My “April Fools” fell flat when he goes “Lets do it”…..”Ughhhhh…….” was all that came out of my mouth…..

  2. My baby was born on April fool’s day. We didn’t know what it was. The doc. said It’s a Girl, April Fool’s! It’s a boy! I was so freaked!!! That was WRONG!!!!!! So WRONG!!!! I love my baby boy though! He is a blessing!

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