And Two Remain

I decided to finish out the American Idol season giving you my thoughts.  I know you all have been waiting around with bated breath for this moment. Wipe the tears. First of all, I have been more impressed with this season than any other season simply because of the amount of talent.  I don’t necessarily think that previous seasons didn’t have as equally talented folks, I just believe that the amount of talent we’ve seen on the stage this year has been fabulous.  I literally think that four of the contestants could have easily run off the with Mirror Ball Trophy. Wait.  Sorry.  Wrong show. Tonight’s show will be spectacular.  It better be or people will be making signs begging American Idol to bring Danny Gokey back. Ah, Danny Gokey.  Sweet, Danny Gokey.  The boy can sang.  I was a tad bit emotional when he was voted off.  My oldest was sad, too, because he “felt bad that Danny wasn’t going to be a star”. Rest assured, America.  Danny Gokey is already working on his first single with his record label. Knowhuti’msayin’? I’ve heard people saying over the last few months that Adam was the best or Kris was or Danny was or Allison was.  And quite frankly, I think that is ridiculous.  Why?  Because they are all so different.  It’s like saying an oncologist is better than a pediatrician.  Or that a trip to the Swiss Alps is more fascinating than a trip to the Great Wall of China. THEY CAN’T EVEN BE COMPARED. My apologies.  Didn’t mean to yell. My professional amateur  opinion: Adam, by far, has the most, THE MOST, amazing vocal range I’ve ever heard.  E-V-E-R.  To hear the notes that boys sings.  And his pitch, well, it’s bar none.  I don’t remember him hitting an off note and y’all, I’m highly sensitive to pitchy notes. I’m just sayin’. While Adam isn’t my “flava” because of his rock edge, I can certainly appreciate the guy’s talent.  He is one talented fella. Kris, aka the Dark Horse, is truly an artist.  His voice?  Almost flawless.  The purity of it? VERY.  His pitch? Stellar.  What I love about him is his ability to arrange songs and “make them his own”.  (If I had a buck for every time I heard that phrase.)  Seriously, he reminds me of David Cook, minus the grovel voice, in the way that he arranged songs.  He’s multi-instrumental which is always amazing to me.  Now, we’ll just have to see how his song-writing skills are.  I would love to hear him in concert one day.  I could easily see him making it bigger than John Mayer. But that’s just me. Even though Danny won’t be in the finale tonight, I can’t help but touch on the guy.  I loved him from hello.  Geez, the boy got it goin’ on.  I honestly can not WAIT to get his tunes on my iPod.  He has impeccable pitch.  He can be strong and rugged with his voice and soft and Joe Cockerish, too.  Many a time this season the boy’s singin’ brought on the goose bumps.  I knew the moment that I heard him that he’d go far.  And now look at him?  He’s gone through devastating times and has chosen to live despite the pain.  Guess he turned his loss into contribution, huh? My last challenge to you today is to vote.  Vote, America.  You know you should.  There are record deals and awards to be won tonight. But it depends on you.  Don’t let those boys down. Gone.

7 thoughts on “And Two Remain”

  1. Okay. First, I love the OB/Pediatrician analogy. Fuh-nee. And, second, you do NOT have to worry about me not txting my vote. I plan on getting carpal tunnel from my txting tonight.


  2. I just read the “dueling” story of American Idol’s two final contenders in The Statesman and was betting the family farm on your addressing this pressing issue. I always enjoy your perspective. Regardless of tonight’s performance, I’ll be voting for Kris. He’ll be needing a good PR person soon. Too bad you’re already committed. I always enjoy your blog.


  3. Thanks for your comments on Kris, I’ve been so frustrated by a lot of AI fans who keep saying that Kris doesn’t deserve to be in the Top 2 because he is not a belter. But I’ve really enjoyed his performances because he is so DIFFERENT, and I really feel like you have to turn off everything and just LISTEN to his voice with him, and that’s what makes him so special.

    I watched some of his homecoming performances and when it’s just him and guitar, he sounds, as you would say, UH-MAY-ZING!

    And can I say, I have some of Kris’s pre-Idol music? And a clip of Kris leading worship? It’s really not too bad!

    I’m starting to think it’s a blessing in disguise that Danny didn’t get to the finale because his post-Idol interviews have shown that his heart is really for Sophia’s Heart Foundation [which does some amazing work!] and he would have had a lot of additional obligations if he had gone all the way. Now he can focus on making the work he does on Sophia’s Heart Foundation known. 🙂

  4. I didn’t know y’all were gonna git to vote in the cali-for-ni-a special election!!

    Just kidding even though we are voting today.

    I will vote via text. I will also not be on Twitter from 5 pm my time until late tonight. Because some people just have to blab about it…Kind of like the ones talking about the season finale of 72, umm i mean 24.

  5. Kris will get my vote tonight…mainly because I think he’s a breath of fresh air and is crazy talented!!! Love his clear, clean, crisp voice and his pitch is imbecable!!! Adam’s voice is amazing too…but Kris is more up my alley!

  6. The radio monkeys wouldn’t stop talking about Idol this morning… So I think I changed the channel.
    But you can talk about Idol all you want. Cuz you’re cuter than they are! 😉 And have a MUCH better accent…

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