And The Winners Are…

Mandy Thompson
Amy Sue Barnett
I had a giveaway a little while back for tickets to an online marriage conference that I am speaking at in May.  After reading through all of the comments SEVERAL times, I have finally chosen five winners.  If you didn’t get chosen, it isn’t because I didn’t like your story.  I did.  I DID!  I just had twenty comments and well, I only had five tickets. Here are the winners of the free tickets: Mandy Thompson – Her hubby did ballroom dancing lessons with her on the beach a LONG time ago.  Romantic as all get out but figured she might need this conference since they just started full-time ministry together at a church.  Love you, Mandy pants. Heather – White noise?  Bringing you your laptop and coffee in bed?  One word:  Jealous.  Seriously, that is absolutely amazing!  Yay for you! Amy Sue Barnett – He surprised you and sang to you with your ten-year old son at church on Mother’s Day?  Wow.  WOW. Mandie – Y’all, they put each other’s wedding rings on each other every single morning.  SWEET! Jennifer – Any man who sets up spa appointments for me on a getaway is a friend of mine.  Very nice. Thanks for playing and I hope you enjoy the conference in May!

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