And 24 Remain

The Beall family watches American Idol. We have since Season 2. Season 1 ran past us before we could jump on the bandwagon. We love the show. Why? Because we are a musical family and love music and listen to music and love to sing and play music and love it, love it, love it. And I think we have good reason to be asked to be the judges one day. See our musical resume below:
  1. Not only have did we sing and lead worship for the first nine years of our ministry, but we come from quite talented parents.
  2. I took six years of piano lessons and also sang in choirs all the way through my first year of college. Including a show choir where I danced AND sang. I know, right?
  3. Chris can literally hear almost any song and pick it out on the piano or guitar. He can also play a mean drum solo of Brick House. Now she’s a brick…duh, duh, duh, duh…house. Don’t even get him started.
  4. My Mother, Nancy, was a music major in college and has sung in the church choir ever since. She has often had many solos in the Christmas Dinner theater. Hello? Talent, folks.
  5. My father, Joe, also sang in the church choir and could also sing some mean Ronnie Milsap tunes with his 8-track player. Smoky Mountain Rain, anyone?
  6. Chris’ mother, Claire, has completely perfect pitch. The woman can tell you the note you are singing! Yes she can! And she is quite the composer. The day I met her I was asked to sing and I asked, “Do you know I’ve Got A Crush On You?” And she was like, “Pashaw. What key?” I didn’t know so I just started singing. She jumped in immediately in the correct key. I wouldn’t kid about such a thing.
  7. Chris’ father, Charles, has a master’s degree in opera performance. He’s held many a lead in dinner theaters and was the head of Indiana University’s music department years ago. He even gave voice lessons to John Cougar Mellencamp. That’s what I thought.
CLEARLY we are qualified to judge American Idol from our comfy chair and a half in our living room. And we do it. And not too shabby-like, if I do say so myself. For the last five seasons, Chris and I have picked the winner every time except one year. (We chose Bo Bice over Carrie Underwood simply because he was edgier and different. We do love us some Jesus Take The Wheel, though. Come on.) Oh, and don’t go thinkin’ we picked it the night of the finale. No sir. We picked the winner the moment the 12 were announced. Stop applauding. Really. It’s the least we can do. With the 24 participants left, Chris and I have a few folks we are keeping our eyes on. I will give you a weekly thought each week about what Chris and I think. And when it’s down to the 12, we’ll tell you who our pick is. And believe you me…you will not want to miss my posts on this. Seriously. Note to reader: All of my AI posts are completely tongue in cheek. While Chris and I might have our thoughts, we are truly aware that we are a couple of late thirty-somethings who are just living vicariously through these young-ens.

18 thoughts on “And 24 Remain”

  1. We have watched AI since the beginning. My 16 year old and I always battle it out about who will win. My daughter and I had Carrie picked from the start but were SO excited when she won. My little girl just danced all around the room screaming, ‘She won, she won, Mama she won!” It is one of our favorite things to do as family.

    This year there is a lot of talent but from some genre’s that I am not all that crazy about. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

  2. We also love American Idol, we watch it every week! Our fun new thing this year is watching it with Lily our three year old. She loves to dance around and when we ask her if they are good or bad she always gets it right on!!

  3. Love the new sight! I love Idol, but I have been watching biggest loser lately. It inspires me to keep working at the gym…I love to sing but I am too old to ever try out for idol and as I get older my voice is fading…Use it or lose it!!! Oh well, I’ll just sing in my car!!!!

  4. I’m feeling quite intimidated by your family’s resume. I know virtually nothing about music…was in ‘show choir’ for 2 years and I can plunk out a mean version of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ on the piano, but that’s about it. And Troy…forget about it. hee hee.
    But we still love to watch…and ‘judge’.
    I’ll be looking forward to your predictions for sure! 😀

  5. We had to chose between Tues. and Thursdays for LifeGroups. You see, Tues. is AI and Biggest Loser. Thurs. is LOST. We actually asked our LG to move to Tuesdays…the busted us. yeah, we moved it for Lost. So, I get to catch Wed. AI and settle in on Thurs. to see who the Oceanic 6 are!

  6. I followed AI last season and liked Blake. If I can get past Randy calling everyone DAWG then I might give it a whirl this year.

    DUBYA, DUBYA, DUBYA DOT CINDY BEALL DOT COM! You’re big time now, sister!! (love the new look!)

  7. Whether it’s Simon or the Beals, I’d get the nod to exit stage left in the first draft. Alas, I have ZERO musical inclination however both my sons are both very talented musicians; their father and I are always trying to figure out where on earth they inherited that from. Maybe I’ve got some latent talent I’m not aware of. I’ll spare you the tryouts. 🙂

  8. I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets a kick out of this show! 🙂 My husband tries to make plans out of the house when I have it on…

    Your family sounds amazing! Have your kids picked up on the music bug yet?

  9. So I’m not a fan of Idol. never got it to it. The judges well Paula drives me CRAZY. I have a hard time watching the judges put down the contestants I’m sure its not as bad once they get past the try outs. I’m a HUGE fan of Big Brother actually I’m pretty obssesed (sp?) with it. and I like Biggest Loser too.

  10. We love AI. We aren’t nearly as good as you at picking winners, though.

    I look like Katherine McPhee. Its funny b/c the season she was on, the resemblence was uncanny – people kept calling me telling me my (ten year younger and prettier) twin was on TV. Its a little weird b/c even our mannerisms are very similar.

    Strange. If you knew me in person, you would agree =).

  11. YAY!! A fellow AI fan!! I can’t wait to read your opinions on the show. Someone who understands and isn’t tone deaf! It’s hard to discuss the show with people who aren’t musically inclined because they just think everyone is good. I too have played piano since i was little and sing and played in the band in high school, so my ear is nicely tuned! I have a few favorites too…but it’s still be a little confusing with all of the people, so now that its a solid 24 i can concentrate on who i like. And this is a good group this year! Much better than the last couple years. I’m excited!

  12. My office does an AI game. Each week, we vote on who we think we’ll get kicked off. This year, there are a bunch of new rules involving bonus weeks and such. I haven’t won the game yet, but maybe this year will be my big year!

  13. My daughter cried big fat tears last week because Luke and Danny were her favorites. Don’t know how we’re going to watch tonight without them. She’ll probably cry again. She’s four. Me, I’m happy with the top 12. 🙂

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