An Easter Story

Chris and I made a decision this year. We decided to watch Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ with our two boys over Easter weekend. It had been seven years since either of us had seen it but we remembered it well. It was transformational, motivational and¬†inspirational. Both of our boys have asked Jesus to be their Savior, have received his sacrifice on the cross as payment for their past, present and future sins and have made a public profession of their faith by following Jesus’ example and being baptized. Even though our youngest is 7 years old, we decided to have him watch it with our 12-year old and us. We figured that he might not make it through the movie and we were totally fine with that. But he did. They both did. Chris and I cried during the movie and answered their questions along the way. At one point during the beating of Christ, our oldest got upset and said, “Why can’t he just stop it? He doesn’t have to go through that. He could save himself and save the world with one touch of his finger!” We both just listened to him and then gently said, “Somebody had to die. And Jesus did it so that we didn’t have to.” When we told people we were watching it with them, many were surprised. They said, “That’s awfully graphic for a child, isn’t it?” Yes it is. But this is how their sins were atoned for. This is what their Lord went through for them. This is the essence of the gospel that we hope they’ll spend their lives sharing. After the movie was over, I asked if they wanted to talk about it. My 7-year old didn’t have too much to say, but my 12-year old began to cry and said, “I can’t believe he went through all of that for me.” From the mouths of babes. Let’s remember the power of the cross and the joy of His resurrection every day.

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  1. I’ve been thinking of watching it with my boys and have been going back and forth because it is so violently graphic. And I remember watching it alone, curled up in a ball sobbing… afraid to go there again and in front of my children. I’m glad to hear you did it… maybe I can too.

  2. My husband and I watched the movie with our 9 and 11 year old sons the Friday night prior to Easter. Since I am a new believer, I wanted to try to help my kids, as well as myself, to understand how important Easter is and what exactly Jesus endured in order for us to receive the gift of salvation. At first they were more freaked out over the deamons, but when the beatings began, I noticed them both with their heads under blankets and in tears. I resisted the urge to turn the movie off. Instead, I asked them often if they understood what was happening. They, as well as I, have a whole new perspective on the sacrifice. I have decided that we will watch this movie each year at Easter so that we will never again be absorbed in the retail-sale celebration of Easter, but instead honor our God that sent His Son, Jesus, to the cross in order to allow us to be freed of our sin. Thank you Beall family for being such a positive example for families such as mine. I love you all!

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